Monday, July 13, 2009

13 Days of Halloween Swap

So I have decided to committ myself to one major swap in the upcoming months (until October in fact) - the swap I have committed myself to is the "13 Days of Halloween Swap".

The swap is based on the old "12 Days of Christmas" idea - except it's Halloween themed so it's MUCH more awesome! The swap is run through Craftster and the swap was completed last Halloween as well and it looks like some amazing items were made. You get to send a recieve 13 days worth of Halloween items which I am SO excited about!

I am even more excited about this swap as my partner is Glamis from Germany - we have swapped before and she has some amazing crafting skills - she has already made me a crochet leatherface - I'm not sure if there is any way to top a crochet leatherface.

I know what I'm making for Glamis for a few of the smaller items - but I will have to work out what I was to make her for the larger items to make sure I can sort out something amazing.

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