Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whanau Weekend

Last weekend was spend with Rich's Whanau (well actually just his mum and dad) and a fantastic time was had.

On Friday night we all went out to dinner at "The Holy Cow" which is a little India restaurant down in Kelburn - I really love that place but don't got there that often as India isn't terribly kind to the waistline but I figured that once in a while can't hurt.

After our india dinner we headed into Happy, the reason for this was that Rich's parents are huge Bob Dylan fans - and Bob Dylan was playing in Wellington the same weekend that they were visiting. However, we weren't able to get tickets so we decided to take them to the Bob Dylan tribute gig at Happy instead and I we all had a great night. My favourite band would have had to been a group of guys called "The Mighty Faggot" - not the sort of band to be playing high quality Dylan covers you may thing but they were FANTASTIC!

The next morning Rich had work and I was going for a walk with my friend Ange in the morning (who managed to complete the "stairs of doom" next to my flat that day - go Ange!) but in the afternoon we went out for lunch and then went for a bit of a walk about town before we all decided the weather was a bit too miserable and we may as well grab some papers and head home.

So the afternoon was spend reading papers and hanging out and I went and picked up a decidedly cheesy but funny DVD called "Keeping Mum" to watch (I was a little worried about my DVD choice as I'm not big on comedies but it seemed to go down well) and an early night.

The next day Rich and his parents headed off to the Kaori Wildlife Sanctury - but I headed out with Celia to go to the Bookclub 2 year birthday meeting. I can hardly believe the bookclub I started has been running for 2 years!

After all that I spend the evening packing - getting ready to leave for Auckland to see the Cure on Tuesday night.

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