Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventures up Mt Victoria and Craft 2.0

So a bit about last weekend started as it has been for a while now going out for a walk with Ange whislt she is working on her weight loss.

This weeks challenge was Mt Victoria - Ange came and picked me up about 9am and we were making great progress climbing up Mt Vic, until we got near the summit because this is when we discovered the summit was "closed for repairs" grrr... nevermind...there will be other chances to make it right to the top!

When I got home it was time for Rich and I to head out to the Hutt - you may ask what would ever possess anyone to go to the Hutt? Well we decided to go to a kick arse craft market know as craft 2.0 which was being held at the new dowse gallery out there. The market was fantastic - so much cool and inspiring stuff (we nearly had a stall out there but were a bit slow off the mark - d'oh! Hoping to get one at the November Craft 2.o).

One of my favourite stalls was a guy who had bought up a whole bunch of WAY too nice nana style plates with frou frou flowes and the like and printed great words on them like "Mutant" and "slapper" and "manus" - they were fantastic!

I was tempted to buy a "mutant" plate but then realised I own far too much pointless stuff already! Instead I bought some very cool buttons - some are shaped like red skulls and some are shaped like white ghosts, seriously cute:)

The only other thing I have to say about the hutt is this - if you're adverse to Malls - you could die at lunchtime!

That night I was suppose to be heading off to Sam's 21st but all my walking during the day, combined with the fact that I never really caught up on my sleep during the week after going to Auckland to see the cure left me feeling utterly exhaused. So I was a bad friend and bailed - I felt so stink about it - but I wasn't really going to be much fun at a party. In the end I just laxed out with Rich and finally watched "Little Miss Sunshine" on DVD. It was so funny - but fact they have beauty padgents for girls that age freaked me out, it's bad enough such horrible things exist at all - let alone pushing poor wee girls into them!

Sunday was a bit of a lax day, I went down and hung out with Kat for a while and then came home and got crafting - turning a lame old business shirt I had into a halterneck and trying my hand at embriodery. I have nearly finished my first embriodery project and no one will be surprised to learn it's of a skull:)

Anyhose, that way my weekend, pretty laxed out - but I really needed a break!

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