Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shopping Saturday

This whole weekend has been an absolute shocker weather wise - I don't mind the cold or wind but when it just doesn't seem to stop raining I do really start to get "over" it.

Given the pretty awful weather Kat and I decided to spend Saturday out and about shopping in town - I mostly wanted to go to the second hand shops to see if I could find a relatively cheap dress to cut up and destroy for zombie prom. Unfortunatly I had no luck on that front - but I have since cut up and destroyed some stuff I already owned for zombie prom.

It was good to get out and about and have a look about town though (plus gets lots of exercise with all the walking!). Plus I also managed to get some bargins - like a Misery shirt for $30 and also scoped out a few things I want for my birthday which is only a couple weeks away now......I'm not sure if I'm prepared to be 28!

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