Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend thus far...

I guess my weekend started on Friday, well at least my social calendar did when I met Karyn at Ministry of Food for lunch on Friday. She was having a look about town as she had the day off work so it was good to see her as I hadn't had a "lunch date" in a while:)

Friday night was super quiet - apart from a quick stop at the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse to buy some shoes for our trip! Other than that it was a quiet night at home...we ended up watching Ren and Stimpy on C4 which was kinda cool - I forgot just how MENTAL Ren and Stimpy was.

Today's been a kinda busy day - I had my final sewing class for a while in the morning. I finally finished my sheer halterneck top that I've made for wearing in Rarotonga over my togs. I kinda liked the skirt I made better but at the same time I know I've learnt heaps in the past 4 weeks of sewing class and I am getting more and more confident. I also have started a black lace sleeveless hoodie, class is over though so I think I will have to call on Kat's expert help to complete that one. Anyways here's a wee photo of my completed second project.

It's not the greated photo in the world but you get the jist of what the top looks like anyways.

After class I had lunch out with Jess, Celia and Ange at my favourite place in the whole world! Yes HAREM! I actually hadn't been there in a while and we all shared a couple of Mezze platters...mmm....Mezze.... It was good to see everyone again and just hear the goss as it was the last time I'll have to catch up with the girls before my holiday ( many times can I talk about my holiday in one blog entry!).

After hanging with the girls met up with Andrea at Aro Cafe for a coffee - it was good to see her and have a chat. Although very annoyed Aro Cafe DOESNT do Chai Latte's! I may have to cross them of my list of Cafes to hang at!

Well better sign off now - tonight Rich and I are off to a comedy festival show with Ross as we haven't seen him in the while. The show is about a dominatrix...hummm...maybe we shouldn't sit in the front row for this one?

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