Monday, May 14, 2007

General Blab...

Well it's a week today since I found out about Marth and whilst things are still hard and I'm still a little sad I feel a lot better than I did a week ago....if nothing else this whole experience has given me a much greater appreciation of what I have and made me feel like I have to really make the most of the adventures that come my way as none of us really know how long we have...scary thought but true.

With that thought in mind I decided that I would head off to my sewing course on Saturday - Marth was a really crafty person and I know that the last thing in the world she would want me to do was bail on a craft course because I was feeling sad. It was actually a really good morning when I had been there for a while - I guess doing something you love always makes you feel better and I was keeping my hands busy and not over thinking things (which is what I was doing at work for the most of the week) so it was really good. Also now my first creation is completed - my black A-line cowgirl style skirt. Here's some photo's of my creation -

Here's some detail of the skirt and cutie cutie little horse shoe and some pretty gathered lace!!

This picture is a little dark but you get the general idea of what the skirt is like - I'm really happy with it and have 2 weeks of class left so hoping to make a halterneck top next week

In other news - our trip to Rarotonga is coming up really quickly and with the events of the last couple of weeks it's just what I need too. Although I am slightly stressed about the whole thing - I applied for my passport sometime ago as you're meant too and the nice people at the Department of Internal Affairs sorted it all out for me but now those morons at NZ couriers are giving me the total run around - they claimed they tried to deliver it on the 7th and 11th May - hello - no card was left at our house either of those times! I rang them today to ask if they could just leave it at the Terrace postshop for me to pick up and when I got home today there was a card from them saying they tried to deliver about stress you out and drive you crazy....I'm going to ring them first thing in the morning and see if it actually as it the Terrace postshop (because they were suppose to ring me and confirm it was there but of course they didn't). If I don't get it tommorrow I'm going to get Jess to put the hard word on them as our travel agent because this is just CRAZY!!

But on the up side if I do actually manage to make it to Raro - Rich and I have sorted a draft schedule of things we'd like to do when we are there and here it is....

Thursday 31st May

3:00pm arrive in Rarotonga!

Explore Avarua

Take a round the island bus trip

Attend Island night

Friday 1st June

Morning - Take a tour of Rarotonga in the morning via bus

Afternoon - Hire Bikes and go cycling

Evening - Got to Punanga Nui markets “feast night”

Saturday 2nd June

Morning - Go to Punanga Nui Markets and buy lots of yummy fresh Island fruit

Afternoon - Head to Muri Beach and go snorkelling

Evening - Eat dinner and head out and see what’s happening in Avarua

Sunday 3rd June

Have a day out at Muri Beach! Go for beach walk, snorkelling, cycle around the WHOLE island, whatever else takes our fancy

Monday 4th June

Morning - Rich plays golf at Rarotongan Golf Club, Trees may join him, or may go shopping….

Afternoon - Take a day walk to Wigmore’s Waterfall

Evening - Maybe go out for dinner - enjoy hanging out in Rarotonga

Tuesday 5th June

Complete one of the bigger day walks in Rarotonga then in the evening relax!

Wednesday 6th June

Morning - Art and Craft Markets at Punanga Nui Markets

Afternoon - Check out some sites in Avarua - Art Galleries, Museum, Wreck of the Maitai, National Culture Centre, carving workshop - anything else that sparks our interest. Could also complete another short walk.

Evening - Have a nice dinner out and chill

Thursday 7th June
Morning - Have a final look about Rarotonga - visit Parliament on the way to the airport and say bye bye - fly back home at 4pm

So yeah that's a draft schedule of what we would like to do - enough ramblings for now!

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