Monday, April 17, 2017

Made by Me - Simple Stripe Top

Hello its me, I've been making stuff and doing stuff and not blogging about any of it so forgive me - I have a big backlog of stuff to blog about, but for today let me show you a really simple top I made to wear with a skirt that had become a wardrobe orphan.
It's also kind of crumpled in this photo from me wearing it all day - oh well, no smoke and mirrors on this blog.
I made the top from knit fabric that I bought on a recent road trip to Levana in Levin, the pattern I used is the Colette Laurel, however I was incredibly lazy and the top I've made isn't really what I wanted because:

1) I've lost about five kilos, but I didn't bother to remeasure myseld
2) I wanted something closer fitting and this pattern is for wovens, so I should have remeasured myself and then gone down a size or two for negative ease

So this top is ok, but not my favourite and it works until I get something else to work with this skirt (I do have some orange sparkly vintage stuff that would probably look great as a pussy bow blouse, so perhaps that's what the next top will be) and once I'm over wearing it with this skirt I will be able to wear it as a gym t shirt.
Also someone tried to steal the show, as per usual, my favourite cat model Mia.
Also I wore my oldest hot chocolate shoes (they are now looking a little sad, but I still love them).
Hopefully I can update you all with some more posts soon - I  have had quite a few busy weekend lately. I hope you all has a really great Easter and enjoyed lots of tasty treats!


Kezzie said...

Oooh , I like the top very much, it looks really nice. Breton stripes are always a winner!!! The skirt is very pretty too-I do like a good border print!

Vix said...

Hello Mia!
Looking good. Well done on the weight loss. The outfit is fab, love the print on your skirt and those crazy shoes. I'm a sod for not measuring myself before I sew something! x

Louise said...

Well done you! It looks great. It looks just like store bought- except even better since it's handmade. :) I love the skirt you've paired it with, too. Hope you had a great Easter! xx