Monday, December 19, 2016

Sugary Sweet Dress

It will be no big surprise to my regular blog readers that my blogging slowed down in the second half of 2016, but that doesn't mean I still wasn't doing stuff and making stuff - I promise you all I was!

I didn't blog about a lot of it though and I would still like to share some of these makes, even if I made them MONTHS ago and worn them a bunch of times since then. First garment that sits in this list is a dress that I made to wear to the New Zealand Chocolate Festival with Joy.
The Chocolate Festival was held at Te Papa and its the second time I've been along, it was spread over two different conference rooms. The first room was full of demonstrations with everything from a 3D printer that was printing chocolate to more traditional chocolate making techniques from some of the culinary schools.
There were also some pretty impressive cakes on display, including this rockabilly lady and also a model of Te Papa in cake form.
Unfortunately the bottom of the museum had been eaten by the time we got there - so we didn't get to see it in all its glory.
There was also a chocolate fountain, but there was a big line to get to the fountain and only two marshmallows per person (I guess that's the only way the line will keep moving).

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the first room as it was fun, but it wasn't really a lot for the ticket price. The second room was the vendors room and I thought it wouldn't be that great, just people trying to push their product onto you.
While the room was full of vendors, it was the exact opposite of everything I thought it would be, it was full of craft chocolate companies from all over New Zealand.
People were more than happy to share very generous samples with you and tell you all about their company, it was really awesome and I felt like I learned about chocolate.

One of my favourite things was the Cacao Husk Tea - Mayan Man Cacao Husk Tea, made from the Cacao husks of the beans other companies use to make chocolate - they told us they bought the Cacao Husks from Wellington Chocolate Factory and other companies.

We had to try a few things along the way of course (on top of all those free samples) to make sure everything was fresh - obviously.

Anyway that's enough about chocolate for one post - now onto my sugary sweet dress!
Just ignore my less than glamorous bag in the corner there, one day I will spend some money and get a real grown up bag (actually that's pretty unlikely).
 I made the bodice of the dress from a pattern I've used many times now, the Sigma Dress from Papercut patterns. This is now my go to basic bodice pattern, part of me wonders if it fits so well with no adjustments because its made by a New Zealand company - probably not the case, but I like to think it is. The skirt is just one big gathered rectangle - nothing too fancy.
Here's a close up of the fabric, its covered in lollies (or candies, or sweeties, depending where you're from). It was on sale a long time ago at Made Marion (well before the chocolate festival) I bought some because it was so cute and I couldn't believe no one had bought it!
I also wore my chocolate skull and candy skull shoes as it seemed completely appropriate for this event (also I love these shoes).
I wore this cute candy heart necklace that I've had for years, as it seemed in them, I also wore this bat that Vany craft ninja made me - just because its awesome.
Finally to finish off, a selfie of Joy and I at Te Papa - you can see her necklace is made of cupcakes which is pretty appropriate as well.


Vix said...

I'm not a fan of chocolate (I know, throw me out of female society!) although the te sounds interesting and having worked in the industory I know how much work goes into those displays!
Love your dress and those insane shoes. xxx

Louise said...

The dress is so cute, and looks amazing on you! I really love your shoes, as well. All of the chocolate looks delicious. I didn't know it was possible to print chocolate in a 3d printer- that's pretty damn cool! xx