Tuesday, April 12, 2016

David Bowie Craft Swap

I was pretty sad when David Bowie died and I'm not really one to get upset about famous people passing away, but David Bowie was one of my favourites. I grew up on David Bowie's music, one of my all time favourite movies as a child (and an adult) is Labyrinth and when I see cats with two different coloured eyes I always refer to them as David Bowie cats.

So when there when I saw that there was a David Bowie Tribute Swap happening on Craftster I decided to sign up.

I decided to make a couple of things for my partner, the biggest item was this bag. I  used the same pattern that I did for my Make a Purse and Fill It Swap, but this time I added some embroidery.
Here's a close up of the embroidery, I'm not completely happy with it but it is the first embroidery I've done in about seven years so I can live with it. 
I wish I could credit the designer of the pattern, but its a freebie and I cannot find the original design again! Anyway it came out a little bit wonky, but I'm happy with it overall.
I lined the bag with this fabric I bought a heap of at fabric-a-brac a couple of years ago as it seemed to work pretty well with the colour and the lyrics on the front of the bag.
I also made a cross stitch (obviously) there are a few David Bowie themed cross stitches on Esty if you're thinking of making one, this was my favourite. The pattern is by Jenny Savage Studio, the original design had the text in red, but for some reason I decided purple was better. Also the fabric is sparkly because sparkly is always better.

I was very lucky and received a pretty amazing package in return which included this button mosaic David Bowie, which I have to share as it is incredible and more art than craft!
I hope everyone's week is going great! I have finally sorted the photos from my trip and hopefully I will be able to do a post about that soon.


Vix said...

The button art is absolutely wonderful, what an amazing make!
Your bag and cross stitch rock! xxx

Unknown said...

That's such a cute swapping project! Love the idea! And I love what you made for it! The bag is so nice, I love the print!

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Kezzie said...

That button art is just astounding!!! Who was the genius who made it??? Your bag is gorgeous!!! I really like he quote too!! I don't know how you do the embroidery-I get in such a tangle with it!!!