Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunshine and Seung Yul Oh

Well today it is freezing - we have had sleet and hail! It's the kind of day that makes you well and truly sick of winter. I seriously want to be able to leave my house without a coat, hat, scarf and gloves

But last Sunday was quite different, we left home around midday for a book sale and then headed out along the waterfront for a walk and it was stunning.

We even stopped for ice cream and I would normally NEVER eat ice cream in winter! It turned out this was a bit of a lame ice cream (should have bought gelato instead) but it was kind of about the idea it was actually warm enough to eat ice cream!
After our walk and ice cream we headed to the city gallery to see the Seung Yul Oh exhibition. The exhibition sounded super fun and it seemed like the perfect day to go and check it out.
I love, love loved this exhibition - every one visiting had a huge smile on their face. I think that's what art should be about - accessible and fun!

This is one of my favourites - it was kind of a maze of inflatable yellow things. As an extra bonus all that static made my hair go crazy.

These chickens are so cool - they kind of remind me of kinder surprise eggs. You are welcome to touch them and rock them too.

This part of the exhibition wasn't allowed to be played with or touched at all - but it was pretty awesome anyways.

These aren't all the exhibits - there were also these cool bowls of noodles sculptures and a giant bean bag/bouncy castle type thing that you get to climb on! Seriously! Oh and that's not the bean bag/bouncy castle below - I didn't get a photo of that because I was having too much fun!
The weather may be bleak - but tomorrow is Friday and I have lots of fun stuff planned this weekend including a craft crawl. It's all very exciting.


Vix said...

That looks such a great exhibition, I love interactive art and stuff that makes me think!
Hoping the weather warms up soon for you, being cold is the worst thing. xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love all these pics...but the ice cram stands out the most :)

Louise said...

That ice cream looks amazing, and how cute is the little mouse sculpture! It's freezing here today, too. (And I rarely feel cold). It feels like October not August! I think our summer is pretty much over. xx

Curtise said...

Brrr, cold weather is no fun! Good to have a great art exhibition to go to, it looks really cool. xxx

Meghan Edge said...

I actually love to eat ice cream in the winter because eating cold things makes me feel cold less. It's weird. I'm weird.

That exhibit looks so fun!

alicia said...

that is the smallest ice cream i've ever seen! also, "a maze of inflatable yellow things" is the best! <3