Sunday, July 20, 2014

Singapore Part I - ALL OF THE THINGS

Rich and I both love to travel, but when we travel together we have a bit of a problem. That is we try to see and do as MUCH AS POSSIBLE each and every day. Sounds great right? Well yes and no - I love that we are both keen to get out and do as much as we can and not just sit around a pool. 

However, there is a problem with our attitude to travel, that is we do and see so much we just end up exhausted to the extreme. I guess its because we are from New Zealand and whenever we go anywhere we always think "but what if we never make it back here - I don't want to miss anything". 

When we talk about our "extreme" tourism aka trying to do EVERYTHING in one day, we often talk about "that day in Tokyo" where we did so much I was physically exhausted for about two days afterwards and to be honest my brain was kind of fuzzy in a "can't take in any more history or culture" kind of way.

Well our first day in Singapore was pretty close to "that day in Tokyo" we did a whole LOT of stuff! Just as well much of the following day was spent on a train to Malaysia.

Anyways on our first day in Singapore we woke up pretty earlier, mostly because of the jetlag and we took the MRT to City Hall Station (just like I did a couple of years back to meet up with Chloe).

First stop was checking out the whole waterfront type area, including the Merlion. I can never get enough of the Merlion.

We also met up with a ele-corn or a uni-phant near the merlion and I  was quite taken by him!

We continued walking around the bay, before we had left on our trip our friends Kai and Diane had told us there were amazing views from the Marina Bay Sands and we should go and check it out. They were totally right - it was awesome. 

Then there was more walking, more walking and more walking - obviously!

 We stopped for ice cream sandwiches - delicious!

Finally we arrived in China town - which was really vibrant, so much happening!


We had lunch and plenty of ice tea in China Town and decided we wanted to head to Robertson Quay, along the way we stopped off in a mall. In New Zealand we NEVER go to malls, but they are  air conditioned and its great to visit the mall for a few minutes when you're melting from heat. Once we left the mall we did see this cute little "wall of love". 
Then it was time to check out Robertson Quay - by this stage, we realised how far we had walked. Too FAR! SO HOT!

So we stopped off and bought a drink, one of my favourites when I'm traveling in this part of the world - a milo dinosaur. We decided to take our drinks up to Fort Canning and check out the park. The park was a lot of fun, but I've got to admit it felt a bit like being a terrarium - mostly because of the heat.

After this it was time to slowly make our way home, but we did make a couple of more stops along the way including the National Library of Singapore - Rich IS a librarian after all. Here's the view from the library.

 On the second day of the trip we left for Malaysia and as we took the train it meant we could sit down for most of the day. Which was kind of awesome for obvious reasons!


Curtise said...

Goodness, you did see a lot! I think I would have collapsed from fatigue and heat after all that walking! The photos are fabulous, I'm going back for another look. Great frock, btw. xxx

Helga said...

Um, G and I are really good at the lounging by the pool! We're frightfully lazy travellers, especially in the heat! Great pix, the green building with red shutters is heavenly!
Love that frock! XXX

alicia said...

ALL OF THE THINGS! i think if you two ever sat around a pool you would actually die.

i want an ele-corn AND a milo dinosaur! <3 <3 <3

Louise said...

Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! I can't believe how much you fitted in to that trip! My Dad lived in Singapore when he was young, but I've never been, but it looks like a beautiful place. Love the uniphant (I kinda wish that was a real animal!), and I love your outfit in that photo, too. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've got to admit that some of those countries would be at the bottom of my travel list because of the heat. My body seems to act like an oven so I would not cope at all. I had to laugh at your travel style, I am a bit the same but in a different way. Because I only have a limited amount of upright time I try to jam as much as I can into that. Although I have to constantly make decisions about how far I can walk without making my M.E worse. So I'm a kind of fit in as much as I can on a small scale kind of traveller. Great pics & I ADORE that frock on you. Xx

Vix said...

Your attitude to travelling is the same as ours, why fly half way around the world only to sit by a man made pool with a load of tourists? Boring!
hose photos are incredible, I'm exhausted just looking at them! xxx

Krista said...

That building with all the little statues of people everywhere is insane and I can't believe the work that went into that! What a kick ass start to vacation but yes my dear you must pace yourself. The dress you are wearing at the top of the world is killer and fits you something fierce! You should wear this style more you look beautiful!