Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Monthly Stitch - April Challenge - Sewing Double

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my last post! It made me feel a whole lot better. I'm slowly pulling myself up an out of that slump, I do have some exciting news, this month I ACTUALLY completed the monthly stitch challenge. 
This challenge was open to a little bit of interpretation - but I decided to make a second version of something I have been meaning to make for about a million years. Some of you will remember the wee dressing gown I made for my niece Sophiia, well I have been meaning to make one for her brother Lukah for the longest time. However, I just never got around to it, I decided the sewing double challenge was the time to make it happen!

Again Kuromi was totally keen to model the dressing gown - I couldn't ask for a better model! 
This dressing gown has a hood as well - because all dressing gowns should have hoods (in fact I'm sad my dressing gown doesn't have a hood!).
Here's another view of the dressing gown - I love this polar fleece, I bought it at the Arthur Toye closing down sale. I am now wishing I bought more!
Here's a close up of that fabric - skulls forever!
Then I decided I couldn't really send Lukah something without sending Sophiia anything - so I doubled up on my double sewing!

Recently I was gifted a bulk lot of patterns - which included quite a few patterns for kids, including this one.
Lately I've been thinking I need to use more of my stash. Making kids clothes is a perfect way to deal with some of the small pieces of fabric I have. 

I decided to make Sophiia a couple of skirts, fortunately being kids skirts they have elastic waistbands so they can be easily altered if needed when she receives the skirts.

You guys most likely remember from my previous posts that I'm not into making (or even buying) my niece and nephew gender specific stuff. There is no way Sophiia will be receiving pink, flowery skirts from Aunty Trees.
Kuromi couldn't really model the skirts - but still wanted to be in the photo (she's so demanding). 
These wee skirts have pleats! My pleats are less than perfect - but I'm pretty happy with them. Plus Sophiia isn't even at primary school yet so I'm sure she won't be bothered by less than perfect pleats.

The blue skirt really could have done with ironing pre-photo - oh well, nothing is perfect in life! 

Now I just need to get around to my next challenge - braving the post office to post these goodies out to the "kidlets". Hope you're all enjoying your week xoxo


Macska said...

Oh, so cute!

And pass on my compliments to Kuromi for the fantastic modelling job. ;-)

Vix said...

You are thoughtful and clever - those kiddie clothes are gorgeous! x

Curtise said...

Brilliant dressing gown and skirts. My youngest has asked me to make something for her, so a skirt could be the answer. xxx

Kendy P said...

i want that skull robe in my size!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Yay! I like your model Kuromi :) As demanding as Pickle, huh.

Children's sewing projects are a good way to get out of a crafting slump, I guess, because they're small. (Not that I have ever sewn anything kids-sized!)

alicia said...

lucky kidlets! i love seeing your sewing projects! <3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

That little robe is so cute!!

Unknown said...
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