Sunday, September 08, 2013

General Catch Up - via instagram

So lately I feel like I've been really busy and at the whole time feel like I've done a whole bunch of nothing. Work has been busy (as always) but I'm just been feeling flat and feeling like I've done nothing. I've also not been much in the mood for taking photos outside of instagram pictures. I'm just generally feeling a bit bleh. 

So seen as the only photos I seem to take now are instgram pictures here's a bit of a roundup of instagram pictures over the last little while.

First up, we had cupcake sale at work for SPCA Cupcake Day - I didn't do any baking, but everyone did really get into the spirit of the day. I bought this Freddo Frog cupcake.
A view from my office window - dark clouds are looming!
Last weekend we went to Rich's parents place in Tauranga for a family gathering, first up we hung out at Wellington airport for a while and sat under Golem.

The we waited for half an hour in Auckland airport to board a tiny plane to Tauranga - this flight was much cheaper than the direct flight. But it was tedious.
However Rich did win us some lollies from the claw machine at the airport - I was hoping for the Hello Kitty softie, but you can't have it all.
I received some mail from my friend Alicia - it had a dragon on it - RAWR!
I met my friend Celia and her kids for a fancy lady lunch - I usually take lunch to work everyday so its nice to eat out for a treat sometimes.
My plastic containers arrived from Blippo - because I'm an adult I have plastic containers with Rilakkuma on them.
So one day I left my lunch at home, I went home to pick it up and then it pretty much poured down. I had to walk home in the rain - good times.
Another grey day at the office!
Rich gave me this stitch kit he found at his parents house - I'm thinking of making day of the dead style flowers.
So I'm doing a walking challenge at work - this was my best day (until this weekend when I smashed that record!).
My dear friend Emi sent me a postcard from the UK - its pretty fun, I think I might frame it.
Just an outfit post from last Friday, I never wear this dress, then I decided to wear a long sleeved top underneath. I think I will wear it a lot more now (simple solution!).
Rich has been sick this weekend, so I had to do an emergency run to New World first thing for lemsip and strepsils. Here's a couple of photos I took of our street early on Saturday morning - looks empty!

I decided to take a walk around the waterfront on Saturday Morning - it was a beautiful day!

I stopped off for a chai latte on the way.

The kowai trees are flowering in the city at the moment - that MUST mean spring right?
I went to the chocolate festival with my friends Andrew and Laura on Saturday afternoon and I liked this creepy chocolate tree/graveyard very much.
More chocolates from the chocolate festival - super fancy.
A record of the past weeks steps - I have no idea what happened on Tuesday. The rest of the week is looking pretty good!
Rich and I went to Civic Square today to soak up some sun - what a day!
Hope you have all had an exciting weekend xoxo


Unknown said...

I love instagram posts even if I follow you already xD.
Love the Golem and the fish hanging on the airport ceiling :D
Oh, and I didn't know you order from Blippo. I love Blippo, lol :)

Juliet said...

I see photos like this and oh, I miss Wellington!

Vix said...

What fun pictures! Love Golem at the airport and the scary looking fish! The lunch (and cute lunch boxes) are fab! xxx

Helga said...

Golum is just brillant, isn't he?!
BLEH to feeling bleh, sweetie! Hope your not coming down with Rich's disease!
I haven't checked out this Instagram thingy, these are awesome pix! XXX

Curtise said...

I always love your waterfront photos. Golem is awesome, and your lunch looks delicious!
Hope the blah feeling passes and you start to feel yippee! xxxxx

Penny-Rose said...

Wellington looks fabulous - even in the rain. I also love the the chocolate tree and graveyard - very artistic.

alicia said...

chocolate festivaaaaaal! i would have spent my life savings, which is a jar of change, but still! the chocolate graveyard!!!

i love that suspended globe sculpture at civic square! how is just floating there???

wellington is so beautiful - even in "winter"! <3 <3 <3