Monday, August 12, 2013

zoo fun times!

Basically every year I want to go to the zoo for my birthday and every, single year it rains and rains and rains. That's what you get when you're birthday is mid-July at the height of winter - Rich knew how bummed I was about missing my birthday zoo AGAIN due to rain, so a couple of weeks ago when it wasn't raining we went to visit Wellington zoo - hurrah!

I didn't actually take photos of ALL of the animals, just my favourite ones - well actually my favourite animals that weren't sleepy or snuggled up due to the cold.

First up is the Kunekune - I learnt this time round that kunekune means chubby or round in Te Reo Maori. Also they are the greatest pigs in the world - fact!

We went to check out the most excellent kiwi enclosure they have at the Wellington zoo - until I went to this zoo a few years back, I don't think I had even seen a kiwi up close and I had been to quite a few kiwi enclosures. I think this kiwi enclosure is pretty much the best one in the country - every time I visit I see at least one kiwi and this visit we saw two!
I don't even remember what kind of monkeys these are - but they are adorable and that's all that really matters.
Since we had last been to the zoo they had totally revamped the tiger and sun bear enclosures - it's now an area for awesome animals from Malaysia. The sun bears are my favourite - but they were sleeping.

The lions were one of our next stops - mostly because we could hear them long before we could see them. I guess that people who live near the zoo must get used to all of the zoo sounds (also if I lived nearer the zoo I would have a year pass and go pretty much every weekend).
In the "African Village" part of the zoo we met these two goats, who literally couldn't stop eating - they were pretty fun though. 

The baboons always kind of freak me out a little bit - but I did like the fact they included a mirror where you could check out your own butt!
I have to admit - I loved the art work at the creepy, crawly section and I love seeing the big spiders safe in the knowledge that none of the ones on display are native bugs I'm going to find in my apartment.

Finally I left the best for last - the meerkats! Basically I could just go to the zoo and watch the meerkats for three hours. They are my favourite!

Meerkats forever!! Well that was our wee day out at the zoo - hopefully I can go back again soon when the weather is warmer and more of the animals are out enjoying the sunshine. Enjoy you week xoxo


JuanitaTortilla said...

The hairy pigs (kunekune, thanks!) are adorable. I like pigs. What about meerkats so you like? I think they're interesting.

Unknown said...

Awwww..Sun Bears! :)

Also, I need to make a petticoat. So cute! I want to start making corsets too. :)

Vix said...

What brilliant pictures. I was reading an article that mentioned a sun bears and I had no idea what they looked like! Love those pigs and the silly meercats, too! Glad it stayed dry for you. xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely :) I rarely get to go to zoo, there are not so many in my country. But it's okay since I understand that the animals need very good conditions and that takes big effort with our weather. In Japan I saw meerkats and they are lovely indeed :D

Monsterchen said...

oh i looove going to zoos too, i have a ritual with my best friend we go everywhere where we travel to the zoo;) how cute are those meerkats! i´m in love!

Anonymous said...

The meerkats are my favourite too, and the otters...and the kiwis, if you can find them! :) Wow, I haven't been tot he zoo for aaaages! Would be a good WSBN photo shoot when the weather is better!!

Louise said...

Lovely photos! Going to the zoo is one of my favourite things ever, too. We actually have a small one a few miles from where I live and I used to go a couple of times a year. They've got a newborn rhino for the first time ever, so I'm dying to go see it.

The monkeys in the photo are squirrel monkeys, btw. I've never seen a kiwi, but have always wanted to. Love the kune kune pigs, though. Pigs are awesome! :)

Krista said...

Meerkats why they even sound silly. Love that you enjoy so many things on your birthday!

two squirrels said...

EEeekkkk Meerkats are my favourite....I am with you sweet I could watch them for hours.....m-pussy cats rule..
Oh oh do they have otters???? I love them too....
Going to the zoo is always so much fun.....
Thanks for a lovely visit.
Love V

Curtise said...

So pleased you finally got to visit the zoo! I always love seeing animals too, and yes, meerkats are excellent creatures.
Catching up on all the posts I have missed - just wanted to say I loved your dress in the previous post, such great fabric. xxxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday (I know I'm so late!). So glad I'm not the only zoo nut - I go all the time! Later this year I'm travelling north and I'll be going to Australia Zoo, Currumbin Sanctuary and Dubbo Zoo (all worth a quick google if you're not familiar). Come join me!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

So much fun!!!! The Kunekune is so cute!!!

alicia said...

sun bears!!! i love the informative baboon sign also. the only thing this zoo is missing is a dapper duck!

<3 <3 <3