Saturday, June 01, 2013

Fun times in Pennsylvania

Hello world! I'm terribly behind in my blog reading and blogging but I will try to catch up over the long weekend (thanks for having a birthday Queenie). I returned to Wellington last Monday, started back at work on Tuesday and have had a cold since before I left San Fransisco (bad times). There have even been days where I have hardly been able to talk - which is pretty much disastrous for me!

I thought I'd share some more of my travel with you - namely my adventures hanging out in Pennsylvania with Alicia and Bear

Alicia and Bear are the best! We spent our time shopping, eating and adventuring and we also fulfilled my lifelong dream of eating s'mores, visiting Amish country and going to a drive in movie. Here's a few photos of our epic adventures. 
Things in the USA are much bigger in than in New Zealand - these marshmallows blew my mind!
 These sounded like something Scooby and Shaggy would eat whilst hanging out in the Mystery Machine. I thought that was kind of awesome. 

We stopped off to have morning tea and look adorable - I had a lemon cakepop!!
In America - even the lollies are patriotic!
In America this is a cereal - mind blown!

American Dream Number One Fulfilled - Making S'mores! I have always wanted to do this - it was delicious (thanks to Bear for firing up the BBQ so we could make S'mores).

American Dream Number Two Fulfilled - Amish Country Visit! Bear took the day off work and all three of us headed out to visit Amish Country starting out with an epic lunch at Shady Maple.

Next up was time for fun buggy rides with Earl and Dixie (our fine steed!).


When we returned from our ride, we got to hang out with some rad animals on the farm for a bit. Including the most charismatic duck in the universe.

You know how sometimes you are watching an American TV show or movie and an amazingly kitsch roadside attraction appears from nowhere? That's actually a thing that happens in Pennsylvania - we found Dutch Haven and it was the best time ever. 

These are actually real place names - I seriously couldn't make this stuff up!
I thought the hex signs were really pretty.
Some of the edibles on sale at Dutch Haven - I had my first ever whoopie pie!

 Also - Bear and I decided to play dress ups for a little bit...

Also I bought this hat.
Because there is actually a town called Intercourse - I have photographic evidence.
Also I'm sure that Lancaster County Pennsylvania is the only place in the world you would see a truck like this....
Moving on from the Amish Country - Alicia and I made Pinky Pie cupcakes! We also wore matching horse dresses because that's how we roll.

American dream three fulfilled - Drive-in Movie adventure!! Bear and Alicia took me to a drive-in movie which was so exciting as its something I wanted to do since I was a little kid!

Finally Alicia took me to Jo-Ann fabric and I almost died! But here's what I came out of the store with (I could have easily spent MUCH more money).
So that's just a small taste of my adventures in Pennsylvania - Bear & Alicia thanks for your hospitality, I really hope I can return one day soon xoxo


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great pics...all of that American food looks so good, & BIG! So sorry you came home with a lurgy. I hope a long weekend is good medicine for you. And yes I would LOVE to see you when we're in NZ. I'll shoot you an email with the details. Xx

Unknown said...

Oh my, I can just imagine how cool it is being over there :D Loved seeing all these pics :)

Curtise said...

Oh what a great trip you had! Coming home and having to get back to the routine is really hard, especially when you feel ill as well. But look at all those fun experiences and wonderful memories you have - plenty of American Dreams fulfilled! xxxx

alicia said...

we really are the best! who else fulfilled a minimum of four (i'm also counting jo-ann's!) american dreams??? no one.

we had so much fun with you and miss you like crazy! i'm so happy you enjoyed your stay with us even though the shower rod tried to assault you.

i hope you feel better soon! <3

adorable failures forever!!!

love youuuuuuu! <3 <3 <3

Camelia Crinoline said...

A drive-in movie? That's so awesome. I've always wanted to go to one of those as well. It looks like you had an amazing time. I hope you feel better soon.

JuanitaTortilla said...

:D I like how you guys had almost matching dresses! :D

There are a couple of Amish markets 'round here (since PA is just right next door), so we go there to get our PA Dutch fix, and it's really like what you see on reality TV :)
I wonder if it's worth the almost-2-hour drive out to Lancaster, though. It's on my To-Do list for a while now. Maybe in Fall, when the greenery changes :)

Hope you've gotten over your jetlag by now, and are feeling better!

Louise said...

Looks like you've been having a fantastic trip! I find the Amish fascinating, so I'd love to visit these places some time. The place names do crack me up, though, and the hat is brilliant! Haha!

Vix said...

I find the Amish so interesting, I'd love to have been there! What fab trip photos, I love a foreign supermarket, too! xxx said...

So much awesomeness! What a phenomenal-looking trip, I'm glad you had such a great time! :D