Sunday, August 02, 2009

Leaving Wellington

We have now completed the last few steps towards securing our job in South Korea. We now officially have our year long E2 Visa's in our passport which seemed relatively painless to secure and were done by the Korean Embassy in a matter of days. We have also bought our tickets to South Korea from my friend Jess and have got a pretty good deal, we do have a 5 hour stop over in Singapore but the airport in Singapore seems to be pretty cool with a movie theatre, beauty treatments and even gardens so it shouldn't be too hard to spend some time there.

We have mostly finished up the last of job ins Wellington also, visiting the doctors to make sure we have enough medication and are in good health.

On Wednesday we are leaving town and heading to Taranaki to spend some time with my parents before we leave, we will be stopping over for a night in Wanganui on the way up there to make the trip a bit more manageable (long trips on buses aren't too much fun).

After Taranaki we will head to Hamilton to see my little brother at University and also spend time with other friends there.

Next it will be off to Tauranga where we will spend some time with Rich's family for a wee while before finally heading to Auckland for a day or two, we will finally be flying out on the 31st of August and arriving in Seoul on 1 September.

So many exciting times ahead and I am sure the time will pass pretty quickly between now and then - I can hardly believe I am leaving Wellington in a matter of a few days and New Zealand in less than a month.

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