Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yah! Swap Package!

So today wasn't the best day I wasn't feeling well (as per usual) and I had a very stressful day at work that didn't seem to end **sigh**

So I was VERY excited when I got home and my chocolate swap package had arrived.

This is the chocolate component of the swap - there's a whole bunch more crafty goodness I have pictures of which I will post later when I have more time (including an eyeball bag - awesome!).

It's a whole bunch of chocolate - but Rich has kindly offered to help me dispose of it (just as well really because there's so much).

Receiving this package makes me excited about the other two craft swaps I've signed up for on craftster (I figure if I have to spend more time at home because I'm not well I may as well spend that time crafting).

The first swap is a matchbox swap - basically you have to decorate a matchbox and fill it with craft supplies for your partner.

The second is a Kitsch Cowboy theme swap which I am super excited about, although the actual crafting is still quite a while away for that one.

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