Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blood & Thunder Training Camp

Well it seems my first challenge for 2009 is now firmly on the horizon, over the weekend I signed up for Blood & Thunder Training Camp which is being held back home in New Plymouth over Waitangi Weekend.

You may be asking yourself - what is blood and thunder training camp? Well it's roller derby camp for both Kiwi's and Aussies (there is even going to be a Kiwi vs Aussie bout!) but the people training us are coming over from the US to train us.

It is all very exciting - but also no doubt - it's going to be incredibly tiring! So lots more skating training for me in between now and then.

Also in other derby related news, I think I may have found my derby name "Zombie de Luxe" I am just waiting for it now to be officially registered - but no one else seems to have a name which is similar so it should be all good to go.

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