Sunday, May 04, 2008

Craft Craft Craft Craft

So last weekend - Kat and I had one of our "Tea Parties" neither of us made any sales:( But it did make me get sorted and make a whole bunch of stuff at once **phew**

I am still intending on selling this stuff - my supplier in Christchurch sounds like they may fall over:( But I do have a back up (I think) a shop in Dunedin called "Fern" which stocks Kat's stuff.

Anyways - if you fancy anything in the pictures - it's all for sale!

A whole bunch of brooches from Barbie's accessories
Earrings - I'm quite into stars at the moment and it seems I have been able to pick up a lot of stars for jewellery making - so I am stoked.
I've also recently taken to making jewellery from hardware - in this pic is a necklance made from rubber "o" rings and earrings from washers and "o" rings (By the way - the fimo's are Rich's works of art - not mine)
More of that classic barbie bling

Finally - my new favourite thing to make - flowers from stocking and wire and various other florist type things

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