Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Woodland Creatures Swap

At the end of last year I had pretty much lost interest in doing swaps on Craftster as pretty much none interested me! However, this year there's been a bunch of different swaps I've wanted to do. The most recent package I've completed, that has now been received by my partner was for a Woodland Creature Swap.
I made my partner an adorable hoop, the cross stitch design is another from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. The pattern is called "Quilters Love Fall" and I  thought it was a very woodland design - even if the main woodland creature is a human.

I also made a bunch of pouches, because I'm pretty into making pouches right now and I want to use all the fabric (and there's a lot that needs using!).
First up is this little flowery zipper purse. The outside fabric and zipper pull were both fabric-a-brac finds. The wee pocket is made from fabric-a-brac fabric too, its made from the scraps of my well composed dress.
This adorable ribbon was part of the wrapping on a present Alicia sent me, Alicia uses the best ribbon which I hoard in the hope I will get around to using in  craft projects. I actually used some for this project so hurrah!
Finally my partner said she likes bunnies so I lined this purse with bunny fabric that I bought from Fabric Destash Central - I only bought a small amount of fabric, so it was perfect for lining.
The second purse is made from fabric that may be familiar, I picked this up at a recent fabric swap. I picked the fabric up for the sole purpose of using in this swap and I actually used it, rather than letter in hang out in my "cave" for no reason.
This purse is also fully lined with fabric I received in a swap shortly after we moved into the house, so I've had it for a year - so its not too bad in terms of hoarding. Right?
I also made a third drawstring pouch that I didn't take a separate photo of, but it's made from some cute mushroom print fabric I also got from fabric destash central and trimmed with more of Alicia's ribbon. The drawstring itself is ribbon that I've had forever!

So that's it, another swap package! I have to say I was pretty happy with the cross stitch and all the pouches. I love sewing them right now - who wants one?


Natalie Mulford said...

Those pouches are SO cute! You are super talented! I really wish I could sew.

Kezzie said...

Those pouches are beautiful!! To take such cafe, even.over the lining is super!!!Xx