Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yet another Swap "box"

So I have done a few of these "craft swaps" now - basically you get a swap partner and tell them the kinda stuff you're interested in and they tell you the same and you craft each other a whole bunch of crafty stuff.

Well I have now got another box of crafty treats ready to head out - this particular swaps theme was "They Don't have that in my country swap" so in addition to my usual crafty goodness I have added a chocolate fish, some K Bars and all host of other kiwi goodies.

Very exicited to see what turns up in my mail box from the USA in the next few weeks:)


Ange said...

Ha ha - do I spy a jar of vegemite in that box! That's not very kiwi - very Australian though :-) I'm referring to the yellow jar with the "Australian Grown" logo on it (the kangaroo). Te he - I've def been in Sustralia too long if I spotted that :-) Admittably I did blow up the picture so I could spot all your goodies. Te he

Trees said...

I know I know - vegemite is Australia and not kiwi but the sad truth of it is - I hate marmite - so I had no choice you see!!! I did tell my swap partner that vegemite is an aussie thing not a kiwi thing....I just thought I shouldn't send stuff I don't like myself to my partner:P