Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Long time no blog huh? I'm not quite sure why I have just felt unmotivated to blog lately even though I have started to get out and about and do things again.

Well I had a good night last night - Jess cooked us (Ange, Georgie, Celia and myself) a yummy Christmas dinner so we could all swap pressies:) The meal was really good - a really yummy stir fry and summer fruit and chocs for dessert.

Being the crafty creature I am I decided to make my friends presents - I'm always a bit nervous when I make presents as I always worry that people won't like them but my subversive cross-stitch and necklaces went down well - with both Jess & Celia saying they will take theirs to work:)

I got a whole bunch of really cool presents - a Nightmare Before Christmas Bag and Uber bag of mashmallows, a glass Christmas Angel and a really cute christmas themed jutebag.

I really should have taken some photos but I didn't (prolly much to my friends relief!!) but it was a really fun night and I do feel slightly more Christmassy now:)

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