Sunday, October 07, 2012

Instagram - week five

Here's another peak into what I've been up to the past week, via the wonderful world of instagram.

I found this at the library last Sunday when I was dropping off some things - I'm looking forward to going to this fair next Sunday. Indonesia is on my list of countries I want to visit (but let's be honest - there's not many countries that aren't on my list!).

I go to an woman's only gym and quite often we get freebies at the gym - like sample sized beauty products. I picked this up on Monday, but then was disappointed to find its anti-dandruff shampoo.

I spent some of the vouchers Rich's Mum and Dad gave me for my birthday and bought a new blue lace dress at lunchtime on Monday.

This week I got another avon haul - including LOTS of freebies. I also just ordered the cookie cutters to make this cookie Christmas tree.

This is a photo of me hemming a 1970's frock - so I can wear it to work the next day.

Here's a mirror shot of me in the 1970's frock that was this week's Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge.

This week I did more stamping - so much more stamping!

Orange tights and white shoes (more of Wednesday wardrobe challenge).

It was a very busy week work wise - so one night I just ended up having vegemite on toast for dinner!

Exciting mail day this week - my Mum send Rich's birthday present down to us and also sent me a whole bunch of fabric she has bought recently op-shopping.

I caught up with Emi for a drink on Thursday night at Mulberry Garden - a restaurant near our apartment.

I worn this creepy girl necklace to work on Friday - I bought it from the Rose Street Markets in Melbourne a couple of years ago.

On Saturday Emi and I went to the Steampunk Exhibition at Thistle Hall - here's a few pictures I took whilst waiting for her.

I helped Emi set up her stall at Mighty Mighty markets on Saturday - here's a few pictures of her stall. I love the jars filled with lollies *rawr*.

Just some glitter on the floor at Mightly Mighty Markets - yah for glitter!

Rich and I went to see the the Wellington Phoenix play last night, it was Freezing cold, but at least we won 2-0 (we played Sydney FC).

This ones a bit exciting - these are the approximate dates for my trip to the USA next year! I'm booking my tickets officially tomorrow!

Emi gave me my late birthday presents this week - a cute bento set and a narwhal arigumi that she made especially for me!

I had my hair done this week - hairdressers fell they must always make my hair SUPER straight - I'm not so crazy about it.

One of the many film posters in our apartment - we bought this one whilst we were living in Korea so its in Hanguel (and some English).

Finally today was an absolute stunner of a day - so Rich and I spent much of the day at the waterfront.


alicia said...

i love those dino jars! i'm so excited for you to visit!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

cb said...

You have been a busy lady!! How do you do it all! I love hat narwhal and the bento boxes you got! They are so cute. Yay on more vintage fabric, that is exciting. I have so much that i dont know if i am ever going to do anything with it since i am so busy. I love instagram!

Curtise said...

Are you feeling better now? Hoping so. You've had a busy week!
Love the peek at the blue lace frock, and the fabrics from your mum look fab!
Booking your tickets for a US trip, how exciting! xxx

Vix said...

You lead such a busy and interesting life, you make me exhausted just catching up with you. xxx

Julia said...

Busy girl indeed!
Hope you had a wonderful time for your Birthday, it certainly looks as though you did :)
We're hoping to head over to the USA next year too!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Even though I follow you on Instagram it's still nice to see your pics here because they're bigger and I can see more detail. Your mum found you some beautiful fabrics and I love the little narwhale. Your photos of the sea are lovely. Hope you're feeling better now. xx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

wow!!! what adventures you've been having! And happy happy happy birthday!!! Are you getting crazy excited about your holiday??