Friday, August 28, 2009

It's nearly time...

So I only have a few days left now...three sleeps in total before Rich and I leave for Uijongbu, South Korea (Uijongbu is a satellite city of Seoul).

After spending time with my parents in Taranaki we headed to Hamilton for a few days to see my younger brother and catch up with some friends. At the moment we are at Rich's parents in sunny Tauranga (well it's sunny today at least we have had a lot of rain and a MASSIVE lightnening storm as well).

On Sunday we will be heading up to Auckland for a midday flight to Singapore, where we have a five hour stop over and then a second flight to Seoul where we will arrive early on Tuesday morning.

Well that's all for now really - I'm sure there will be more updates when I actually reach Korea and something interesting happens!


shellsberight said...

Hey Trees!

I hope you're enjoying your last couple of days.

All the best with getting there, and I hope you settle in well.

Looking forward to hearing tales of your experiences once you're there!

Take care,
Shells x :o)

Ange said...


By the time you get this you will already be in South Korea - YAY!! I hope you have an awesome time and you get settled in easily. Let me know your address when you're there and I'll send you a postcard so you feel loved ;-)


Anonymous said...

Safe travels Trees! We'll miss you at Crafty Foxes, can't wait to hear about your adventures. Just watch out for small men with guns & nuclear bombs!!!!!!! Fi xox