Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lukah's Birthday Quilt

I'm actually a pretty terrible Aunt - I wrote my nephew Lukah's birthday in my calendar on the wrong date which means his birthday present is a few days late.

This year Lukah is turning five and I'm sure that lots of people will buy him school related things (I already know he's received a Ben 10 school bag) so I decided to make him a wee TV/Movie quilt. 
I decided to make a kind of "farm themed" TV quilt as Lukah does like spending lots of time at my Mum and Dad's place on the farm and my brother is a farm worker so the farm is a big part of his life.
I bought this farm fabric specifically for the quilt - its kind of cute and cartoon like - I did want to get one that mostly had cows as the region my family farms is primarily a dairy region. But I couldn't find anything cute and cow specific - I think I was maybe being a little TOO specific wanting cute cow cartoon fabric!
I also added a square of fabric left over from my "horsing about dress" as it seemed to work in pretty well with the whole farm theme.
I really wanted an earthy green for the fleece for the backing fabric - however, its coming into summer here and there wasn't a huge amount fleece at my local fabric store. So instead I chose this almost fluro green - hopefully Lukah likes bright colours as much as I do.

This wee quilt is off to its new home with Lukah in Taranaki tomorrow - I really hope he likes it.


Meghan Edge said...

That is an adorable quilt and I bet he'll love it!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Every child needs a cuddly blankie and I'm sure your nephew isn't going to mind getting a late birthday present - especially one as cute and colourful as this! xo

CityScape Skybaby said...

That is gorgeous Trees, your little nephew will love it I'm sure. I know all my kids have loved wrapping themselves in cosy quilts to watch TV and even now some of the older quilts are threadbare I'm still not allowed to throw them out so it's something he will probably want to keep for many years. See, you're a great auntie! xx

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to Lukah! What an amazing quilt, well worth the wait!x

Curtise said...

What a lovely gift from Auntie Trees! It's a beautiful blanket. xxx

cb said...

No your the best aunt! What a great gift that i am sure he will have for years and years!

alicia said...

aww so cute - i love quilts! if i had more than a 30 second patience threshold i would want to learn how to make them! <3

Helga said...

That is awesome.I bet he loved it!
You're a grand Auntie after all!XXX