Sunday, March 22, 2015

SPCA Open Day and Galentines Day

Hello to anyone who may STILL be reading this blog - I was away again, for a LONG while. It turns out that for various issues (the main issue being that internet companies are full of idiots) I was without internet for the better part of THREE weeks! Gah!! But I'm back and I have a lot to catch up on.

 Last month Ria and I went to the SPCA open day at the old Fever Hospital - but I couldn't share that with you guys because my computer was all broken and then the internet company was kind of useless and NOW I can finally share some pictures with you guys.

Anyway recently Wellington SPCA had an open day and obviously we had to go - cute animals and a historic building I'd always wanted to visit - bring it on!!

The hospital was built up on a hill as at the time it was constructed the belief was that TB patients required lots of fresh air for recovery. I always find it fascinating what ideas are popular at different times in history. I wonder what kind of things we do to keep healthy now or consider to be perfectly scientific treatments will be considered a bad idea in 50 or 100 years times.

Although I do love history - I love cute animals a lot too, especially rabbits! They are my favourites. I think that's why I love Easter so much (oh and Chocolate - duh).

 This little puffball was my favourite, I would have taken him home with me if I could.
Here's a few more shots of the hospital and the view - its pretty striking!

 It was a little windy when we took this photo - can you tell?
As for the Galentines Day part of the post - if you have never heard of Galentines Day you're really missing out. In fact if you've never heard of Galentines Day then you may not seen "Parks & Recreation" and you should go and watch that right NOW! Leslie Knope can explain Galentines Day better than I ever could.

Ria and I usually exchange a wee present over Valentines (Galentines) Day each year - here are the lovely things Ria made for me, a super cute card and a mini snow globe. 

I made Ria this wee cross stitch, I knew she loved hedgehogs and I asked Rich to design a valentines Cross stitch for her which featured a little hedgehog. If you want to make one of your own you can buy the pattern from Rich's store. I think he's pretty cute!
Hope everyone out in blog land is good - I will catch up on all my blog friends blogs very slowly as I currently have 400 plus posts to read on my blog roll *eek*

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A little dress for Georgia

You guys may have seen me hanging with this pretty lady before if you've followed by blog for a while - this is Alaina by BFF from law school. I'm not sure I would have survived law school without her (hard to believe - but law school isn't all rainbows and unicorns!).

We don't see each other too much these days, because Alaina lives in Melbourne and I live here in Wellington - but like a lot of BFFs we keep in contact and when we do hang out its like no time has passed at ALL!
At the end of last year Alaina had a wee daughter called Georgia and I REALLY wanted to make something super cute for her. When I told Alaina I was making something and it didn't have skulls or anything creepy on it she was kind of surprised - its obvious she knows me well if she is EXPECTING creepy stuff!

I have had this freaking adorable fabric in my stash for a LONG time - its been in that stupid catergory some sewists have of "too good to use" which is stupid. If anyone deserved fabric in this super adorable dress - Georgia does!
The  fabric is a little creased here - but as you guys can see its a whole lot of cute kids doing all kinds of jobs - the dressmaker is one of my favorites obviously!
I added a little pocket - as pockets are always great in a dress, no matter what age you are!
Here's the final dress, its from a pattern from Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincoln and if you think its looks familiar, that's because I've made it a couple of times previously. I think its such a great little dress though (and hopefully it is - I have no idea not having my own kids!!).

So this dress won't even fit Georgia till she's about one - so I am thinking of making her a couple of tee shirts as well, but that's going to have to wait till our move is over! Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hearts & Anchors

So you guys may (or may not) remeber that one of my goals for this year was to tackle my large pile of mending of and UFOs. If you're thinking to yourself right now, what's a UFO?  Well its an unfinished object! I have a LOT of UFOs around, I don't know WHY I do this to myself, but I will get all excited for a project and then give up half way through for no apparent reason. Or even WORSE than that, just cut the project out and put it in a plastic bag (to keep the pieces together) and not touch it again for MONTHS (ok I do know WHY I do this - I love cutting out fabric).

Back to the current project, I cut out this dress one time when I was at home sick. I started to feel better in the afternoon and was going a little stir crazy. I wasn't feeling 100% but at the same time I'm not good at not doing anything.

So I decided to grab this hearts and anchor fabric I had bought from a vintage fair (although its definitely not vintage - its still cute though) and Salme Bow Dress that I had printed out a few weeks back. I stuck the pattern together, cut out the pattern and cut out the dress. After I did that I was thoroughly exhausted because I was sick and meant to be resting. I put it all in a plastic bag and left it in the pile with all my other UFOs.

But in the spirit of making good on my resolution to finish up all of my outstanding UFOs I finished making the dress up a few weeks ago!
So I'm still not sure I am sold on this dress, it seems a little boxy to me, but I wore it to work and I got a lot of compliments! Also I  think the belt helps, but this belt is actually a bit big for me (not what you really want with an elasticated belt) so it may be less boxy if the belt fit better.
So a few points on the pattern, if you are familiar with it you will know the original does not have sleeves. But I wanted sleeves so I added some (I just added the sleeves from the Laurel dress and they worked fine).

Also the dress is pretty short and if you're taller than me (5'6) you MAY want to lengthen it - but if short dresses are your thing that's cool too. 

The other thing is the pattern instructions are pretty basic, that's fine if you have a bit of sewing experience as the dress is quite easy to put together. However if I tried to make this dress a couple of years back when I was first starting out sewing I think it would have quickly ended in tears!
So I DO  have to admit something, although I'm not 100% sure about this dress I HAVE cut another one. Hopefully it won't become another UFO (but lets face it - that's probably going to happen!).

Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm back - with BIG news!

Hello guys - so the computer repair took a LOT longer than I thought, about three weeks in all - my hard drive failed *boo*

In the meantime all kinds of fun stuff has been happening around here - including our big news - we bought a house like adults and its scary because I generally like to avoid being an adult at any cost.

Also when I  say house - I don't mean an ACTUAL house its a split house, so more of an apartment or flat (depending on what you call it in your part of the world).

Remember when I was talking about working on a big project - this was it! I was spending a lot of my evenings working on the due diligence for the property and sending various e-mails to various people.

We are moving in next Tuesday - and spent last weekend cleaning and packing so I think it will still be a while before life if back to normal! But I will try and catch up with your blogs when I can - see you soon!

Friday, January 30, 2015

So you might not see me around for a while...

Hi All! Just a quick post to say you won't be hearing much from me in the new few weeks. On Wednesday night my computer died - I only bought it in May last year so its pretty frustrating.

I will still comment on your blogs when I can - but the only other laptop in the house belongs to Rich and he is in the final weeks of his Masters so he kind of needs his computer most of the time.

I will be back, sometime soon, I promise and if you do want to see what I'm up to I will still be posting on Instagram.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lavender Fields Forever.....

Last Friday was Ria's birthday and we decided some time back that on the Saturday we would go and have some kind of adventure. The question was - where to go? There are so many options for fun times in the summer months. We decided on something a little out of the ordinary and took a trip to Carterton to go lavender picking!
Thankfully Carterton isn't too far from Wellington, so we didn't have to get up too early! These photos make everything look a bit bleak, but it did turn into a beautiful day.

The lavender farm we visited was called Lavender Abbey they sell all kinds of products (we bought tea and culinary lavender) and have a couple of weekends a year where people can come and pick their own lavender. For $5 you get to pick one bunch, there didn't seem to be too many rules around how much lavender is in a "bunch" - we were given a pair of scissors and a rubber band and told to go for it!
One thing I didn't realise about lavender is that bees freaking love it! Once you're in the lavender field all you can hear is the buzzing! The first time I realised just HOW MANY bees there were was when Ria took this photo - I may be smiling, but I'm thinking "holy crap I'm surrounded by bees".
I have to say if you're allergic to bees or have a bee phobia then lavender picking may not be for you.
Once we actually sat down and started picking the lavender we found the bees were actually pretty easy to avoid, sure they were noisy, but if you left them alone they were so busy doing their thing that they didn't worry too much about people.

I have to say it picking lavender is super fun and makes for great photo opportunities. How often do urban girls like us have the chance to hang out in the fields picking lavender? Pretty much never.
 In case you were wondering - yes it does smell amazing when you are hanging out in a lavender field.

Obviously if you're hanging in a lavender field you need to take selfies because of reasons......
This final photo was taken by Ria on her fancy camera - its my favourite from the day! It makes us look so magical. In case you were wondering what I'm going to do with that bunch of lavender. I think I'm going to dry it and use it in soap. Watch this space! Also I need to make lavender cookies with my culinary lavender and of course I need to make lavender tea as well. I think lavender MAY be taking over my life.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dinosaur Date!

Last Thursday night, Rich and I decided to head to Te Papa (they have late nights on Thursday) to check out one of the current exhibitions - Tyrannosaurs!
I've always loved dinosaurs since I was little and so when I found out I could see some scale models as well as see some real dinosaur bones, I was pretty excited.

That first guy is actually a pretty tiny dinosaur - I thought it would have been a cute thing, until I read about how it used to kill its prey. Then I decided it was less cute than I first thought.
Part of the exhibition was about fossils found in New Zealand and included some background on Joan Wiffen - who was an amazing lady who was an amateur palaeontologist who found all kinds of cool dinosaur fossils in New Zealand. She was pretty awesome.

There was an area of animation which included dinosaurs running wild along the Wellington waterfront.

Next up it was time to check out T-Rex, who is obviously the star of the exhibition! Nothing like T-Rex to make you feel tiny.

 This was a fun interactive thing they had at the exhibition, stand on the space and see yourself on a screen in a museum (not Te Papa) filled with dinosaurs.

Finally these feathered, dinosaur guys - these guys were actually my favourite thing in the whole exhibition. They remind me of the Jim Henson movies I used to watch as a kid - like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Thanks for dropping by to check out some dinosaur geeky! Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. I'm pretty happy as I have one more day off for Wellington Anniversary day.