Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fabric-a-brac - April 2014

I always love attending fabric-a-brac and today was no exception. The last week or so in Wellington has been pretty wet and miserable, but that's no reason not to hang out with your friends and buy fabric.
I volunteered in the cafe like last time - making cups of tea and helping out. There was some amazing food donated to sell, look at these cupcakes, they have glitter and everything!
After a couple of hours in the cafe, I stopped for a cup of tea and some cake in the cafe with Ria and the Wellington Sewing Blogger Network girls. I should have taken more photos of this - but I forgot. I did take photos of my cake and tea though.
Here's a few more photos of the event - I like the bunting, everything is better when there is bunting involved.

Here are my purchases for the day, the first will seem like the least interesting, but its actually what I set out to buy today. It's some black wool to make myself a winter cape. It's pretty much perfect for what I wanted and only $5 for a metre and some off cuts. 
Soon as I saw this cheesy New Zealand themed fabric I knew I couldn't leave it behind! It's kind of like a tourism postcard from the 1950s in fabric form. Rich and I have a trip booked to Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia in June/July - hopefully I can turn this into a dress before then.
Next up is some very sweet floral cotton, its another fabric I thought would be useful to make a dress or possibly even a maxi skirt for our trip. Mostly I just thought it was very cute.
The photo totally does not do this fabric justice - GOLD LUREX! $2 FOR TWO METRES! As soon as I showed this to Kat she said "wow that is so you!" and it totally is - sparkles forever. I'm going to see if I can make a wrap dress from this fabric. Gold Lurex is totally office appropriate right?
Look! I bought something for some selfless sewing! One of my best friends LOVES Winnie-the-Pooh and now apron making is kind of my thing, I thought I'd buy this so I could make her a Winne-the-Pooh apron.
I thought this fabric was just too good to leave behind - its sharks, with sunglasses, being awesome. I think this one is destined to become some kind of top at this stage, but who knows what may happen.
I almost wasn't going to buy this fabric - but then, $15 for 3 metres of beautiful quilting cotton? Quilting cotton is usually about $15 for 1 metre in the stores. Also I love the print a whole lot - stars!
Usually at fabric-a-brac I find one "I just have to have it because its awesome" fabric - this time it was this peacock fabric. I just love it! I think its some kind of rayon or viscose. I think I want to make some kind of skirt with it to showcase that amazing pattern.
I think tomorrow I may start on that cape! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend xoxo

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Matarangi Beach Times

Just before everything happened with my brother, Rich and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in Matarangi in the Coromandel for our friend Conor and Sue's wedding.

Sue, being pretty much the most organised person I have ever known arranged for a "Wellington Bach" (bach being North Island NZ speak for holiday home) for us Wellington folk to stay in - plus our friends Alaina and Boggy from Melbourne. It was a pretty fancy bach - pretty fancy indeed.

Did I mention the bach was right on the beach? Also did I mention we went to the beach for lots of walks? Because we did and it was awesome.

Also we had wonderful sunsets like this one.
Unfortunately, there was hurricane forecast for the day of Sue and Conors wedding and they day before the wedding, the skies began to get a little darker.

Then the day of the wedding the hurricane really set in (Hurricane Lusi for those who want to know its name) and our friends couldn't have their wedding one the beach as planned. The wedding was still beautiful, just held at the local golf club instead.

After the storm, we headed down to check out the beach. It had taken a bit of a hammering from the cyclone.

However, the day after the wedding the storm was all gone and the beach was beautiful again - Murphy's Law right?

So that was our mini break, it was pretty much the best. I'm so looking forward to us all getting together again for New Years. In the meantime, I'm going to listen to the rain outside and try and remember what sunshine looks like! Have a wonderful week xoxo

Sunday, March 30, 2014


A few of you will remember a while back I decided to hold a giveaway due to a failed swap package (my partner disappeared and never sent my package).

I was meant to draw the winner of the swap last Sunday, but with my brother being in hospital and all and me having to head up to Hamilton for a week or so it was kind of impossible. 

But I can now announce the winner of the giveaway, its a week late - but better late than never right? 

I completed the giveaway in the most formal manner possible - writing all of the names on bits of paper, putting them in a tea cup and asking Rich to draw the name of the winner. 

The winner is Liv at Wait Until the Sunset who had a couple of pretty great cooking disasters - making a cake with salt instead of sugar and putting too much cornflour into a slow cook teriyaki chicken mix (result being it almost tasted like gravel).
I hope you really enjoy the apron and badges Liv!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Things have gotten turned upside down!

Hello all - you may have noticed I've been a little bit vacant from the world of blogging for a bit. The truth of the matter is, my brother has had an accident which had lead to him ending up in the hospital, the time frame of how long he will be in the hospital is currently unknown. He lives up north in Hamilton, fortunately I also lived in Hamilton for the better part of eight years and whilst I was here I made some pretty wonderful friends, who are more than happy to have me stay with them as long as is needed. So right now, my whole life is operating out of Hamilton. I will be going back to work tomorrow in my organisations Hamilton office, but I will be heading up to the hospital after work each day. My plan at this stage is to return to Wellington this coming Saturday, lets hope it all works out.

I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation, spending time with old friends in my old city, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't tough right now - because it is.

However, there are some good times - like last Saturday we took my brother to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens. The gardens were always one of my favourite things about the city, I decided to take a few pictures to share with the world. In some ways they are a standard city botanical gardens, however, they do have an area of "themed" gardens which are just incredible.

First up in the Japanese Garden - complete with zen garden, haiku and coy carp.

My favourite garden is the Chinese garden, although it was super busy on the day we went, it really is a lovely calm place.

Next up is the American Modernist garden, only a few photos, as it was modernist - not too much to take photos of when its all clean lines. Also, its not really my favourite garden - sorry American Modernist Garden.

Since I last lived in Hamilton a new garden has been built, the Indian Garden and it sure is beautiful. I could easily spend plenty of time hanging out here (plus imagine the great photo shoots you could have).

Last, but not least is the Italian Renaissance Garden, for some reason I feel like this was the first of these themed gardens. However, I could totally be making that up. It is a really beautiful spot - I've seen a lot of wedding parties having photos taken here over my years of living in Hamilton - you guys can see why right?

Well its time for me to head up to the hospital - I hope to see you all in the blog-o-sphere sooner rather than later. But will have to take it one day at a time right now, hope to be back soon (and also hopefully I can catch up on my blog reading).