Thursday, October 08, 2015

USA Part Thirteen - Hanging with Dani and Rachel

So as most of you know, Rich and I are not only fans of traveling in Asia, but we also lived in Korea and Taiwan. I have to say there is something pretty special about the friends you meet when you are living somewhere so far our of your comfort zone. Although Rich and I were the only Kiwi's in our group of friends in Korea we soon came to discover that there more similarities between us and our friends from the USA and Canada than there were differences. That's not to say there weren't a few "Flight of the Concords" moments.

 Anyway Dani was one of the American friends we met in Korea, she now lives in Minnesota and traveled over to San Francisco to see us and her friend Rachel that lives in San Francisco.  Our day with Dani and Rachel began with a lot of walking - no surprises there right?

We met Dani and Rachel at Japantown and then made our way to Fisherman's Wharf, we stopped at Ghirardelli factory store along the way for some chocolate treats.

We did a few different things whilst visiting the madness that is Fisherman's Wharf - my favourite was the aquarium! I loved the octopus and the jellyfish and we got to pat the stingrays! Hurrah!!

So last time I visited San Francisco I really wanted to visit Alcatraz, but I didn't book the tickets in time as the tours are booked out well in advance. For some reason on this most recent visit I did the same thing - when we arrived (early July) the tickets were already booked out until AUGUST. Yikes! So we couldn't do an Alcatraz tour. But we did the next best thing - a habour cruise! At least we SAW Alcatraz even if we didn't actually visit.

We did a  bunch of other stuff with Dani and Rachel, including another visit to both Chinatown and Japantown but I didn't take any photos - I was just enjoying hanging out with friends! It happens sometimes. Also by this point we were onto the last week of our trip and I was a little sick of taking photos every day (hard to believe I know!).

This  was our last day in San Francisco - next stop - LA!

Friday, October 02, 2015

USA Part Twelve - Walking in San Francisco

If you've red this blog for a while, or even know us in real life, you will know that we are huge fans of walking and just exploring.
On our second day in San Francisco we pretty much spent our whole day walking and exploring the city.  We didn't really have any definite plans!We began at our hotel in Geary Street and walked to the Embarcadero, which is the waterfront area.
I have to say after the heat in Hawaii, Washington and Oregon (I'm looking at you especially Portland!) it was so nice to be in San Francisco, it was so great to actually wear a cardi and tights. It almost felt like Wellington weather!

We spend quite a long time walking around the Embarcadero and we finally ended up at Lombard Street. The street was full of tourists and I imagine its like that every day - I think I'd go a bit crazy if I lived there, it is a beautiful street though.
After a bite to eat, we decided to Coit Tower, I have to admit last time I was in San Francisco I hadn't even heard of Coit Tower and I LOVE towers so I was excited to check it out.
The tower was built in the 1930s and is a beautiful building, my only complaint is we had to wait a LONG time before we could get to the top and we weren't told that at the door which was a little frustrating. We'd walked a long way at this point and had sore feet and didn't realise we'd have to stand around for an hour waiting to get a lift to the top.
Maybe I shouldn't complain, if we knew how long the wait was going to be and walked away we would have missed out on these views!

After this we had one more day exploring San Francisco, with our old friend Dani from Korea!