Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wellington Rockabilly/pin up/vintage Social Group High Tea

This post is a long time in the making but I decided it was something I still wanted to blog about even though I attended the high tea three months ago!
Three months back I came across this advertising, I thought it would be fun to meet some new like-minded folk, it would give me a reason to make a new dress and also its involved high tea so I was sold. I asked Ria to come along too, as these kinds of things are always better with friends.

In the spirit of "everything last minute always" I only actually finished my dress just before Ria showed up to help me with my hair and make up.
My dress is made from a pattern by Papercut Patterns, its their Sigma Dress pattern. The bodice of this dress has been my go to bodice pattern for the last few months, but I think this is one of the few times I've made the full pattern. This fabric is pretty rad and was surprisingly cheap ($3 a metre) from The Fabric Warehouse pop up sale and if you're wondering, yes it is covered with fruit.

 We were some of the first ladies to arrive, which means we got first dibs on where to sit and were also into our goodie bags pretty quickly.
The gift bags at this event were actually amazing, I usually cynical of gift bags as they always seem to contain a few vouchers and maybe a chocolate bar if you're lucky - these bags had all kinds of great things I got some rad beads and bamboo bracelets. Oh and there were also cupcakes!
 It really was a fun afternoon of eating treats and meeting so many cool ladies all with their own take on vintage/pin up/rockabilly. I really hope they have some more events soon to head along too, they did an amazing job with this one.

Some photos taken by a professional photographer, Ataahua Pinups, was included in the ticket price (as well as food, a goodie bag and general fun times). Here's a couple of my favourite photos.

Also all of the above photos with frames were taken by Ataahua pin ups, this event was a really fun way to spend an afternoon. If you want Ria's take on the day and to also learn more about her Priscilla Presley inspired look you can check out her blog as well.  I'm not nearly so articulate my my clothing choices, I just really like fruit.

Looking forward to the next meet up with the Wellington pin up group x

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Auckland Birthday Adventures - Part One

It was recently my birthday, when Rich and I heard that The Cure (one of our favourite bands) were going to have a gig in Auckland around my birthday we decided to take a mini break. It also helps some of our closest friends, Conor and Sue, live in Auckland!

We took two days off work (the concert was on Thursday so we figured we may as well stay until Sunday) and had some time in the city exploring whilst our friends were at work.

After a bit of breakfast (we took an early morning flight) we decided to check out a few stores, Rich even came to the Hello Kitty store with me!
Unfortunately this kind of stuff is pretty expensive here in New Zealand, so I usually wait till we go traveling to buy Sanrio related goodies, but I did buy a new key ring.
We walked along Queen Street and checked out a few more stores, Queen Street has quite a lot of Asian stores which are always fun to check out.

We pocked up a green tea "Crunky" bar to try (we used to eat Crunky in Korea - its a chocolate bar with rice bubbles).
We also stopped off at Real Groovy Records - but it seems these days there is less music and more books and pop culture stuff, but I guess stores like this have to adapt or die.
We had a bit of a look around K Road and decided to buy some lunch and head to the Winter Gardens. For lunch we bought these insane rice burgers! SO MUCH RICE (but delicious).

We spent some times wandering around the winter gardens, we've been here a few times in the past but they are lovely and its also nice to head into a hot house on a cold winters day!

We walked to the Auckland Museum (but didn't go inside) and war memorial and looked out on the city. This is one of my favourite spots when I'm visiting.

We ended up walking back down to the city from the gardens and ended up at the Auckland waterfront for a while.

After this we met up with our friends after they finished work, checked out their new house, had some dinner and then went to see The Cure!
The show was amazing and the set was THREE HOURS long! This is the second time for all of us seeing The Cure, we all saw them together last time they were in New Zealand10 years ago! That's the downside of living at the end of the world I guess. The show was amazing though and this time they played my favourite song - Love cats! Which they didn't play way back in 2006 -  I was pretty happy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet Mia!

Recently Rich and I took a mini break to Auckland as part of my birthday celebrations (more about that another time) while we were there we visited a cat cafe and then guess what happened a week after we visited the cafe.
We got a cat! We decided that we didn't want a kitten so adopted an older cat from Wellington Cats Protection League.
We went to cats protection league with three cats in mind, but when we met them Mia was the one that really wanted to "adopt" us!
We are Mia's third family and cats protection league told us that she is 10 years old, but she seems much younger than that - maybe she just carries her age well!
Mia is quickly becoming a very spoiled cat, but also adapting to her new life well (I think), she's always very happy to see us when we get back from work. I'm sure you will be seeing many more photos of her in the future (I think potentially there will be cat costumes on this blog in the not too distant future - perhaps something for Halloween?).

Friday, July 29, 2016

Manila Part Six - Fancy Makati

Our trips to Manila almost felt like visiting three totally different countries, the madness of Intramuros, the calm and history of Corrigador and finally we visited Makati, which was totally different again.
When we first left our hotel in Makati Rich said to me "It kind of feels like being in Singapore" and he wasn't wrong. The heat was as still as heavy as it was everywhere else but Makati is amazingly clean. It's also full of malls, lots and lots of malls. Including some very fancy malls.
You guys probably know this about me already, but I'm not a huge fan of malls - I'm much more of a market girl. However, when its a million degrees outside I can be tempted inside, especially if there are icy treats.

The icy treat with purple ice cream is halo halo and its a Filipino specialty and includes shaved ice, condensed milk, jelly and all kinds of other goodies.

Makati did have some nice open park areas to sit in and enjoy the sun or shade, depending what you preferred.
We did enjoy the matcha kit kat seats in the park - I know its just advertising, but its pretty fun.

I thought I'd finish off with a post of this subway, which had a lot of fun art (some of it very Kawaii).

This  is also my final post for our trip to The Philippines! It's now been a few months since we took this trip, but I still find myself thinking about The Philippines quite often, I think I said in one of my earlier posts The Philippines is probably the most challenge country I've visited and I've traveled quite a lot through South East Asia. The divide between rich and poor is so striking and the country has been so much turmoil. In fact my earliest memories of The Philippines was hearing about the horrible things that were happening there on the news when I was a child (during Fernando Marcos presidency).

I feel like I learnt so much during our trip and its a really amazing country to visit, I would love to go back again soon and visit some of the other islands. Also I have to say the Filipino people are so damn nice and so willing to share their history - even the painful and difficult parts. If you have a chance you really should visit, I'm so glad I went and I really want to go back, but next time for maybe a month or more.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sew 100 Wearable items - Complete!!

I was updating a few blog things today and I realised something, I have now sewn 100 wearable items - well actually 106 wearable items!! He's the full list and links to all the blogged items - go me!

I've read the list and thought I'd choose the five items that are my favourites - its a long list, so it was a tough to decide on only five.

Princess Bubblegum Costume

I think this is the only time I've actually put in an effort to create an actual cosplay costume and I still love it! I also love this cute photo of with Ria (as Fiona) - its mathematical! 
Easter Dress

I made this dress in Easter of 2013 and I still wear it ALL the time, in winter and summer at work and on holiday. Pretty good for a dress made from fabric I picked up for free at a fabric swap!

Mask Print Laurel Dress

There was a time in my life where I was obsessed by the Laurel Dress pattern and I made like a million of them because I've always loved the shift dress silhouette and this pattern fitted my really well. I haven't kept ALL of the Laurel dresses I've made, but this one is still going strong. I love the mask print and always get complimented on how striking it is - all I can say is "why thank you, I made it myself".

Rich's birthday robe

There's no point in denying it, I am a selfish sewist - most of my makes are for me! Or sometimes for small people I know, not for Rich. In fact I've only made him a couple of things, one of them is this rad space robe! I'm still pretty proud of it and it gets a lot of use.

The Vix Dress

This dress had to make it here, because for a dress made from an skirt its had a heck of a lot of wear! I wear this thing everywhere - to the office, in weekends and hiking.
It has also been all over the world with me - Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia to name a few. Because a good travel dress is a small dress (that doesn't up much space) made of polyester that dries in about five minutes and never ever needs ironing!

Although I have officially completed my 100 wearable items, I am going to keep sewing of course, and I'm also going to keep a running tally of everything I have made here  because its good to have a visual record of everything I make. Hope you guys liked my top five.