Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunshine and Seung Yul Oh

Well today it is freezing - we have had sleet and hail! It's the kind of day that makes you well and truly sick of winter. I seriously want to be able to leave my house without a coat, hat, scarf and gloves

But last Sunday was quite different, we left home around midday for a book sale and then headed out along the waterfront for a walk and it was stunning.

We even stopped for ice cream and I would normally NEVER eat ice cream in winter! It turned out this was a bit of a lame ice cream (should have bought gelato instead) but it was kind of about the idea it was actually warm enough to eat ice cream!
After our walk and ice cream we headed to the city gallery to see the Seung Yul Oh exhibition. The exhibition sounded super fun and it seemed like the perfect day to go and check it out.
I love, love loved this exhibition - every one visiting had a huge smile on their face. I think that's what art should be about - accessible and fun!

This is one of my favourites - it was kind of a maze of inflatable yellow things. As an extra bonus all that static made my hair go crazy.

These chickens are so cool - they kind of remind me of kinder surprise eggs. You are welcome to touch them and rock them too.

This part of the exhibition wasn't allowed to be played with or touched at all - but it was pretty awesome anyways.

These aren't all the exhibits - there were also these cool bowls of noodles sculptures and a giant bean bag/bouncy castle type thing that you get to climb on! Seriously! Oh and that's not the bean bag/bouncy castle below - I didn't get a photo of that because I was having too much fun!
The weather may be bleak - but tomorrow is Friday and I have lots of fun stuff planned this weekend including a craft crawl. It's all very exciting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I have to admit that I have been down quite a bit lately - there has been a lot going on and the weather has been extremely cold and miserable. This is the first winter since we moved into our apartment where it has actually felt cold inside (our central heating just can't keep up).

However, this last weekend the weather was cold, but the sun was shining and I got to catch up with Ria for the first time in a long time (she has been busy working on a big show) and I had a genuinely awesome weekend.

So what did I get up to? Well I met Ria on Saturday and we went to the international food court that recently opened pretty much right next door to our apartment.

It's a really pretty food market and given its "sort of" open air it has been doing amazingly well in a Wellington winter. They have so much delicious food - Chinese dumplings, Korean street food, Malaysian, Filipino barbeque, Indian, roti wraps and that's just a handful of the businesses. If you are in Wellington you should really go and visit. On Sunday Ria and I choose to get some chili chicken noodles from the Vietnamese place and they were amazing.
There is also  a general market as part of the food market - at the moment its mostly vintage and a few other small businesses. I don't think the general market is doing as well as the food part, but I do hope that it becomes more popular. Maybe it will become Wellingtons first vintage market! Although I'm not sure having a vintage market and a market selling delicious food next to my house would be great for my wallet. I only managed to snap a couple of pictures at the market, nothing really grabbed our attention (although those buttons were super fun) so we headed up to Cuba Street.

After checking out a few shops we decided to stop off for what I consider to be the best chai in Wellington! It's worth buying chai tea here to make sure that you can see this fun caravan around the city. Once I was chatting to the owner of the caravan and he told me he was taught how to make chai when he was in India - so this masala chai is the real deal!

We continued along Cuba Street and eventually ended up at Recycle Boutique - where many clothes were tried on and some were eventually bought. Also I  had to share this knitwear with you guys - I mean seriously!
I did end up buying a couple of frocks - I had seen the green one at recycle boutique before but I didn't try it on. Turns out it fits perfect and looks awesome - it was meant to be!

We also paid a visit to Minerva which is a wonderful bookstore that sells loads of craft and sewing books. The books they sell are new, but they also have a small selection of vintage patterns and I was able to pick up this cute wee pattern.
To finish our day we decided to see if the Fabric Store was open, but we were too late. I thought I would share this mural with you all though. It's kind of fun right?
Finally we finished up our day out with a chai latte at Expressoholic - one of our usual hang outs.

I have to admit after this fun day out I was feeling  so much better. I also went to an amazing exhibition with Rich on Sunday (will share photos soon) and now I am also feeling so much better about everything. Plus I have Lux Festival of lights to look forward to, as well as a craft crawl and a trip to Auckland to see Conor and Sue and I will also get to catch up with Emi. It's going to be rad. I'm so happy I'm feeling more positive about basically everything again xoxo

Monday, August 18, 2014

Day Four and Five - Traveling to Kuala Lumpur and it was a million degrees

I am taking a while to get all my travel posts up - but it will happen. I kind of like taking my time writing them though. It's nice to look at all the photos again and remember fun times (and warm weather) in South East Asia.

Unfortunately on day four we had to leave Melaka which was really sad, we did have a wonderful time there.Our next stop was Kuala Lumpur and we decided to get a bus to KL as it was the cheapest and easiest option. So we found a bus service we liked (there were so many) and arrived in KL a few hours later. We navigated the metro system and made it to our hotel and decided we needed some down time so spend much of the afternoon relaxing. We did watch an awesome 1970s movie called Rollercoaster - usually I can't find ANYTHING on TV to watch when traveling, but this was rad.

In the evening we decided to head out and find some food. Near the hotel was a night market - we didn't actually know the market was there. We were just lucky enough to stumble across it.

Lanterns and delicious food - what more do you need for a great night out?

The following day we had one thing in mind and that was the KL Bird Park - one of my friends from work said it was really awesome and I hadn't visited there on my last trip to KL so it sounded like a fun thing to check on.

On our way there we came across the National Mosque, I did visit the National Mosque on my last visit and thought it was great. We stopped off so Rich could have a look as well.

Because this is a mosque I had to cover up, they have gowns and headscarfs to wear. Unfortunately they are all made of polyester - which is a BAD choice on an extremely hot day. Also they aren't flattering at all. Scratch that, they aren't flattering on me! I saw a couple of ladies wearing these and they looked so glamorous, I just looked so ridiculous (oh and HOT).
After we visited the mosque, we continued to the bird park - we decided to walk, as it wasn't far on a map. But the heat made the walk seem so much longer. But it was a chance to see things you never see at home - like this sign.
Here are a few photos of the bird park - I have to admit it wasn't as good as I was hoping for. It was very expensive by local standards and it was a little run down. The park is basically a big aviary, but some of the bigger birds like the eagles were kept in smaller cages and I felt pretty bad for them.

By this time we were insanely hot - I think this was actually the hottest day of our trip. Fortunately I knew where we could find some air conditioning.

We visited the Petronas Towers to cool down, have some lunch and shop at our favourite bookshop Kinokuniya! I did buy a couple of sewing books which I will share with you guys at some point.
Then it was back to the hotel for a well deserved break - we did meet up with this guy whilst we were walking back.
After resting for a few hours we decided to head out again and visit Chinatown and the Jalan Petaling Market.

I'm not going to lie to you guys, whilst I do enjoy the Chinatown market in general - Jalan Petaling is pretty much the stuff of nightmares for me. It's full of people selling knock offs of whatever is cool right now (I have no idea of what is cool at any point) and its stressful! Everyone trying to sell me a handbag or a watch and calling me miss or mrs or lady. I don't know who buys this crap, but it must be a lot of people as there are loads of people selling crap.

However, there are some more establish shops lining the street where the market is located and I did find a fabric store which made me happy. Otherwise the shopping here is horrible. I realised soon as I got there how much I didn't want to be there LAST time I was there! If I ever say I want to go to Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur again stop me from doing it - ok?

Our first day and a bit in KL was pretty fun - despite the heat and Jalan Petaling. The third day was even better though. It involves monkeys!