Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Instagram - Week Seven

It's time for another snapshot of a week in my life via instagram!

Jaimee gave us these chocolates for feeding Luca - they were pretty good.

My coaster at work - my workmate Sarah gave it to me.
I tried this yoghurt last week - so delicious. I don't think I'll have it again though - a lot of sugar and fat compared to my regular yoghurt.
My workmate Sarah bought me this squishy stress cupcake (rather than a stress ball)

They sell bias binding at my supermarket - I'm a sewing geek, so I was kind of exciting to know I have got somewhere to buy bias binding when the fabric shop is closed.
Day two of the thirteen days of Halloween swap - awesome printed "Frankie" scarf.

Another on of the "treats" in the thirteen days of halloween swap box - brain blasterz!
I bought tights for $2 a pair!
I started a quilt project with some "love darlek" fabric that Rich designed on spoonflower.

Day three of thirteen day of Halloween Swap - a skull wrist pincushion - I've used this a few times and have asked myself why I didn't buy a wrist pin cushion ages ago. It's the best thing EVER!

"Gum Powder" also came with day three of my swap package!
I did some sewing over the weekend using "Built By Wendy - Home Stretch".
Day four of the thirteen day of Halloween swap included vintage cookie cutters and also German icing supplies.

My finished dress - which I have since decided is too frumpy and I'll most likely never wear it! Well - its all practice sewing.
Day 5 of the Thirteen days of Halloween swap - handmade bat brooch and various other creepy bits of jewellery.
My outfit of primary colours today - yellow tights, blue petticoat and red skirt.


Georgia Rose said...

Omg, I cannot believe you got tights for TWO DOLLARS. I am googling Equip as we speak. Also, I love these posts.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh you're such a tease with those sneaky peak outfit shots. I want to see more of the dress & the petticoat/skirt combo. Love all of your halloween swap goodies. That pin cushion is cool. Xx

Vix said...

Rich's dalek fabric rocks! Love what you're wearing, too. The Frankie scarf is hilarious and those tights look super bright. xxx

cb said...

I love that stress ball! So great. Too bad about the dress but like you said, practice, practice, practice!

Curtise said...

Oh what a pity you don't like the dress! Maybe you can style it up differently?
Rich designed that Dalek fabric? Clever boy!
A girl can never have too many tights. It's a fact! xxx

Unknown said...

Show us the dress - WE will be the judges of frumpiness or otherwise!

The pin cushion is FABULARSE! and I too love the dalek fabric :)

Sarah xxx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

squishy cupcake stressball!!! Awesome!!

How fab is eQuip! Their sales are soooooo good! Do you guys have Diva? xx

alicia said...

i need a stress cupcake! <3