Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stuff to do in 2014

I've decided this year I'm not going to have any "resolutions" - given its already 18 January its kind of too late for resolutions anyways! Instead - I'm going to have a list of stuff I want to do over the next 12 months.


Make a pair of trousers that actually fit me! 

So if you've followed my blog for a while you may have noticed something, I never ever wear trousers! What's the reason for this? Ready to wear trousers simply don't fit me and are so uncomfortable. I have a narrow waist and wide hips. If I find trousers that fit my hips they are forever falling down around the waist. I've never found a pair that fits me around the waist as I can't pull them on past my hips! This year is the year I make a pair of trousers that fits my body!

Make a shirt for Rich

I always mean to make stuff for Rich, but I never quiet get there. I am planning on making him a shirt for a wedding we are going to in March. I already have fabric in my stash he likes and the pattern arrived last week. Time to get shirt making!

Make a coat

This is another one that has been on my list for a while, I picked up some fabric at an op shop last year which is perfect for a wearable muslin - time to do this thing!

Take at least on course with the Dreamstress this year

Last year I did a couple of courses with the Dreamstress at Made on Marion, the courses I did were both super awesome and I felt like my sewing improved so much from doing them, but then I didn't get around to taking any more courses. I'm thinking of enrolling in the Roll Jacket Collar course.

Complete six Monthly Stitch Challenges

Some of my sewing blogger friends run "The Monthly Stitch" challenge - I did a couple of challenges last year, my favourite being the vintage pattern challenge. I'd like to try and do at least six of the challenges organised by The Monthly Stitch this year.


Travel to at least one new country

Rich and I have already been thinking about this one, no firm decisions yet, but its likely to be somewhere in South East Asia.

Travel to Australia

It's been a few years since I was last in "The Lucky Country" I'd love to go again and see friends - although not in the summer months. I can't deal with that kind of heat!

Take a holiday within New Zealand

Rich and I used to take lots of short breaks within New Zealand, but in the three years since we have returned from Korea we haven't done this very much! This year I want to take a holiday at home!


Start doing a regular "stretch class"

On average, I go to the gym 5 mornings a week and I usually do classes for 4 of those mornings. But I never do a stretch class - not yoga or Pilates for me! Why? I just find stretching really super boring. I always have, but I REALLY need to stretch more. Some I'm going to try and pick up at least one after work stretch class.

Take some kind of dance (hula, bollywood, something else?)

This is one of those "push you out of your comfort zone" kind of deals - I'm not the kind of person that really enjoys dancing. So I'm just going to go all out and try something I wouldn't normally do exercise wise.


Print more photos

I have got HEAPS of photos from certain times in my life, but hardly ANY hardcopy photos from the last 5 years. Because I NEVER print photos. I've decided I want to print photos and make up albums of hardcopy photos agian.

Top five moments

My friend Alaina told me about this idea where you write down the top five moments of each day, to help you see your world in a more positive life. This is something I am trying to do this year.

The final goals all involve either places or events I want to go to or attend and they are:

1) Visit the Carter Observatory
2) Visit Matiu Somes Island
3)  Attend 'A very vintage day out' in Auckland

So that's some of my plans for the upcoming year - do you have any plans of your own for 2014?


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great plans....especially the travel to Australia bit! I too am hoping to really improve my sewing skills. I still find sewing in a straight line rather challenging! Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh you've thought up some real good ones Trees, I love your idea to make your own winter coat! I've just finished my first roll of film from my vintage camera and I'm really excited to see how I went once the pics are developed. Your idea of making more photo albums is brilliant. Who doesn't love flicking through pages of their own memories? xoxo

Johanna said...

Great ideas. I want to visit the Carter observatory too! Also, we should totally do the roll collar jacket course together right?? Seriously considering this. Hmmm!

Helga said...

It's good to have some goals, and you've got some pearlers here!
I rarely set goals, as I'm hopeless at making them, so I'll be keen to see how you get on!
I never wear trousers either, but it's because I feel dreadful in them!! Like it's not natural or something! I've made some for G over the years though.

Curtise said...

I so agree with you about trousers. I probably would wear them more if I found any which a) fitted, and b) flattered, but I never do! Vix reckons it's quite straightforward to make a pair, so I hope you do give it a go.
Lots of good plans and ideas here. Let's see how many you can squeeze in to this year - you're going to be busy! xxxx

Louise said...

Great plans! I hope you manage to do everything you want to do! I find shopping for trousers a nightmare, too, and never find the perfect fit. I feel so much more comfortable in dresses and skirts, I've almost given up on wearing trousers altogether. I'm sure making them to fit is the best solution, and I know your trousers will be amazing. Your sewing skills are fab! I also haven't printed off my photos for years now, and I'm not sure why I stopped printing them as I love having real photos around me. I've got such a back log of photos I need to print now. xx

alicia said...

i'm looking forward to seeing all of these things happen! i'm terrible at to do lists. TERRIBLE.