Monday, October 22, 2012

Labour Day

This weekend is a long weekend - I am so glad, I've been feeling rather tired and stressed lately so I may have taken a days leave if we weren't due for a public holiday.

This weekend has had some high points - watching ET on the big screen as well as Frankenweenie.

Ria and I also made a trip to Queensgate (mall in the suburbs) to watch Adventure Time on the big screen.

Also, one very bad thing happened this weekend, one of my fillings fell out when I was eating a muesli bar - I'm sure that's going to cost me a LOT of money. Plus I HATE going to the dentist!

Today Rich and I took a walk along the waterfront this morning and also did a wee walk up to a look out in the town belt - such a beautiful day. It's spring at the moment - so the weather is SO changeable - you have to make the most of the sun whilst its out.


Meghan Edge said...

I wish I lived there so much.

Also, I'm going to need detail shots of your necklace. Because it looks awesome.

Vix said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What fabulous blue skies and glorious views! Ouch to the fallen-out filling and the dentist bill, makes me glad we have a National Health Service! xxx

Curtise said...

Oh those gorgeous waterfront photos... and the sun, you have SUN!
Ooh dear, sorry to hear about the filling... xxxx

cb said...

Yay for extra long weekends!! Yay! Live it up! I wish i could see adventure time on the big screen, so jealous!!! The pictures by the bay are beautiful, i miss the sea so much.

Krista said...

I want to be walking in these photos, so beautiful and summery. Sorry about your filling, I hate when that happens!

Stacey said...

Your snapshots of your area always make me want to pack up & come over right away!

Ooo, that doesn't sound good about the filling. I hope it all goes ok!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

What gorgeous weather!! My family are over in Christchurch for a friends wedding- all their piccys are so gorgeous.

Isn't that the worst feeling when a filling falls out!? I always get this cold-shiver of dread feeling. I hate the dentist so much too :( Thank-goodness its all fixed now! xxx