Monday, October 15, 2012

Instagram - Week Six & Travel Questions Answered!

It's a time for another snapshot of my week - via the wonderful world of instagram!

So I won't be picking up my tickets for my flights to the USA until about two weeks before I leave - but I do get an electronic ticket and that's pretty exciting.
I thought I'd see if I could pull off wearing a headscarf - I'm still undecided.
A pair of glasses I ordered online from Clearly Contacts arrived this week - but I need to take them into the optometrist as they don't fit quite right. Also - there are HEARTS on the frames!
I bought this cute little sweater clip from Sucre Noir - so creepy cute!
It was Rich's Birthday last Tuesday - so I bought him this wee cupcake on the way home.
My Mum and Dad bought Rich some art supplies for his birthday - including this cool sketchbook.
So the previous tenant put butterfly stickers on the bathroom mirror - also I look really intense.
I FINALLY go my boots fixed - so I can wear them again - yah!
The next few pictures are all of the BEST Halloween package EVER from Alicia - creepy cute sewing themed doll, pop rocks, Hello Kitty Halloween stickers and cute card!

I had a girls night in with my friend Jaimee on Saturday night, another old friend Emily that I haven't seen in AGES came along too. It was so rad - I want to hang out and have girls nights all the time now. This is the view from Jaimee's apartment.
Jaimee made vegetarian lasagne and it was awesome.
This is Jaimee's cat Luca - she's pretty darn cute. I hate that I'm allergic to cats!
I saw this t-shirt in a shop window in left bank arcade - I don't really need to say any more - do I?
Rich and I went to a Mexican Restaurant at the weekend - I had mandarin soda to drink and a Mexican Jandal to eat. I also thought the big sugar skull was SO awesome.

On Saturday night we went to see Billy Bragg with friends and it was super awesome! We started off with a few drinks at the Little Beer Quarter and then went to see Mr Bragg at the opera house. Such a good night out.

Rich and I went to feed Luca on Sunday as Jaimee was away - she did her best to make us feel super bad for not spending the day hanging out with her.
I had to do more study on Sunday - eventually I will finish up this course.
We went to the Indonesian festival and got free noodles.
I got a late birthday present from my dear friend Alaina in Melbourne. It included basically the best tea towel in the history of the world and boxing kangaroo gummies.

Walking home tonight - blue skies! The days are getting so much longer - summer is almost here.
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my travel post - a few of you asked me where this photo was taken and was it in the sleeper car of a train.
 It's not in a train at all - its a Japanese Capsule Hotel - that's right, this little space was our room for about three nights. Accommodation in Tokyo is VERY expensive! So we decided to spend a few nights in a capsule hotel to cut costs - it was also a very unique Japanese experience. Here's a few more photos.

The nights we stayed the capsule hotel was pretty quiet - which I was actually pretty thankful for. You had to keep your belongings in a locker because there just wasn't any room. We also had traditional Japanese bathrooms - which are communal (men and women are separate of course) and a wee TV in our room. Fun but also crazy times.

Meg asked if I could do a post about "looking adorable" whilst traveling - I think I will do that closer to the time I leave for my trip. I've actually already started to think about some dresses I want to sew for the trip - what a geek!

I hope you all had a super Monday xoxox


Meghan Edge said...

You look like you've had a pretty busy week! I love you in a head scarf, btw, you look super adorable. And I'm so excited for your trip here even though it isn't until next year!

I don't know how I would do in a capsule hotel. I'm kind of afraid of small spaces...

cb said...

I love those pictures of you in the beds in japan, so cool! I have a hard time with head scarfs as much as i love them but they never feel right on me but i think you look great in it!

Vix said...

Ahhh, Luca is such a sweetie, what a shame you're allergic to cats!
Very exciting news about your next trip, bet you're beside yourselves with excitement, I know I would be.
Glad you enjoyed Billy Bragg! xxx
PS You can totally pull off a headscarf.

Curtise said...

Busy busy week!
That cat is sooo pretty! (Don't tell my cats I said so, they'll be hideously put out...)
Good old Billy Bragg, still a leftie after all these years! xxx

Louise said...

Those capsule hotels look so claustophobic! Not sure I could do that for a few nights, especially if it was packed. And you do suit head scarves! :)

alicia said...

i really do send the cutest packages! that sticker is basically you in zombie form. i'm glad you liked it!

<3 <3 <3