Friday, July 27, 2012

Looking for a new home

Here's my most recent creation - its from my favourite sewing book "Chic and Simple Sewing" - it's  simple baby doll style dress I made from vintage fabric I picked up in a op shop last time I was in Taranaki.
This dress made me a little crazy whilst I was sewing it - the pattern wasn't too difficult and the instructions were clear, but I kept on making silly little mistakes which drove me crazy. The quick unpick (that's what I call a seam ripper - is that a NZ thing or what?) became my close friend - especially when it came to added the sleeves.
It has a yoke and puffy sleeves and I thought that the whole design was suited to this mad vintage fabric - I really love the fabric design and colours.
So here's the thing - I liked the fabric, I liked the pattern and it took me quite a few hours to make this dress with my mistakes and all, but I just don't like this dress. I've tried to wear it - I really have. I've added boots, belts, badges, tights, beads - but I don't like it - I just plain don't like it and there's nothing that can be done about it.

BUT I've spent way much too time working on it to let it languish in my wardrobe unloved and unwanted - so I've decided to give it away, here on the blog.

This isn't a competition as such - I just want to give my frock a good home! I made this dress in a size "L" from my Chic and Simple sewing book which is a US size 10-12, although its loose fitting so I think a range of sizes could fit this dress.

I am a NZ/AUST12-14 and it fits me - but I think it could fit between  NZ/AUST12-18, that's just my best guess though - I can't make any guarantees.

So if you want this dress - just be the first person to leave a comment stating you would like it and its ALL yours! I'll post it out to you for free even.

Have a great weekend xoxox


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Dibs! I can picture this with my brown boots I never get to wear because everything I own is black!

Trees said...

Excellent!! Its all yours - just e-mail me your address at :D

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh bugger I just missed out! Can't wait to see it on you Em! Xx

cb said...

oh what a great fabric! glad it is going to someone! it s a bummer it took you so long and it doenst work for you. i have done that before, it sucks. but your tired you conquered and now you know what works for you and this stye doesn't. i think unpicks is a nz thing, i have never heard that before but i like it!

Monsterchen said...

oh i was too late:( it is really an amazing dress, i think with a thick belt it would look fabulous!

Stacey said...

Gorgeous dress! I'm glad you're sending it to a good home. Oh, and they get called quick unpicks in Australia too. I've always hated the name, because there isn't anything quick about unpicking seams!

his_girl_friday said...

Too late for me! I love the dress though.