Monday, July 02, 2012

Cupcake decorating class

Last week Emi and I took part in another Wellington Pink Ladies event which helped to ease the pain of returning to the "real world" after a weeks holiday in the sun.

The event was a cupcake decorating party by a local business called "Cupcake Sweeties". I am a pretty darn good baker (if I do say so myself) but to date my skills in decoration have been a little "limited". For this reason, I was pretty excited to take part in this class to learn some things about decoration.

When we arrived we each had a little mold each and also some fondant - during the evening we swapped molds and fondant to make all kinds of pretty things for the top of our cupcakes.

We also got to try our hand at molding chocolate, which isn't quite as malleable as the fondant - but it tastes a WHOLE lot better!

Above is my first ever attempt at piping frosting - I liked the front two but the back two were a little bit rubbish so I tried again. I also decided that I didn't want four cupcakes with pink frosting when there were three different types of frosting to choose from!
Next up was time to add the little decorations that I'd made to the cupcakes - I wasn't really sure how to add them as some of them looked a little bit too big for the cupcakes, but they turned out alright (I think).

Below are my favourites from the six I decorated - they are also the most simple - I guess there's a lesson in that somewhere.

As you can tell from the photos above we finished up with edible glitter - which I MAY have gotten a little carried away with - but it's glitter you can eat! That's pretty awesome.
Here's all my cupcake pretties together - what do you guys think? It's much better than my previous decorating attempts that's for sure.


Vix said...

They look so pretty and really professional! x

Max said...

they look absolutely brilliant, and oh so yummy!

Kc said...

They look great! :) Good job girly!! :D


Krista said...

Too beautiful too eat! Just kidding I'd eat them all, great job!

cb said...

what a fun class! i hope you got to eat them when you were done!

Curtise said...

They look lovely! You could charge a fortune for those, love! xxx

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it..they are perfect!! I'd love to eat them, I'm sure that they taste amazing how they look!!

alicia said...

edible glitter!!!

Unknown said...

EDIBLE GLITTER!!! Oh man, I'm in love! Sarah xxx

Stacey said...

Your cupcakes look awesome! I'd love to give something like this a try sometime. It looks like a lot of fun.