Sunday, February 25, 2018

52 Week Sewing Challenge - Week Six - Sew Something Red or Pink

I have been doing pretty well at keeping up with my 52 week sewing challenge in terms of making - but I've been doing not so well at posting pictures of what I've made! I guess the making is the most important part and the photos/blogging will come in due course!

For week six the theme was "Sew something red or pink" and for some reason I don't have a tonne of either in my stash! I ended up choosing this mostly pink fabric I bought some time ago from Made Marion Craft in Wellington, it caught my eye because it looks like a bunch of fun lollies.

I chose to make the dress from one of my favourite tried and true patterns, the Sigma Dress by Papercut Patterns - this dress fits me so well, I really should sew up a few more of their patterns (currently I have two more Papercut Patterns in my sewing pattern stash!).
I trimmed the dress around the neckline and sleeves with some cute lace I bought from Fabric-a-Brac (it was in some random bag of trims, I can never resist a cheap bag of trims) and I wore my cute little bunny brooch from Dear Arrow.
Also this seemed like the perfect outfit to wear with my "Lucy in the Sky" Hot Chocolate Shoes - Hot Chocolate Shoes are pretty much the only shoes I wear now, they are comfy and actually super fun! I feel like it's taken forever to find comfortable shoes that don't look "sensible".
I wore my new dress out in the big wide world for the first time to go to "Out in the Park" which is part of the Wellington Pride Festival.
I had my photo taken with the New Zealand Police Pride Police car, like the super dork that I am.
There were a lot of fun stalls from food, craftspeople and local community groups (including Cats Protection League, the shelter we adopted Mia from) and there were also a lot of amazing performances - honestly, the performances were SO GOOD! I would have happily paid to see them.
We finished up having a selfie at "Out in the Park" before we left - because that's who we are as people!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to finish up this weeks sewing challenge - the theme is "Sew Something Upcycled".

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Louise said...

Love the whole outfit! The dress looks amazing, and the shoes and brooch are both super cute. xx