Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Fun Times

I have been meaning to do this post for my birthday for a while - truth is my birthday day didn't go so well. We locked our keys in our apartment and our body corporate and our property manager did not do a single thing to help us to get back into our apartment, despite that being part of their job! Also we had planned to go to the zoo, but it ABSOLUTELY poured down ALL DAY! The perils of having a birthday in the middle of winter I guess.

But I did manage to have a great brunch with friends and later on I had a high tea at Martha's Pantry.

Also I got loads of amazing presents from friends and families - include this epic package of cupcake goodies from my Mum and Dad.
I also got a few books from my family - first up - a vegetarian and a pasta cookbook from my little brother Jake.
I also got a book from my brother Josh and his family - its a really sweet craft book full of all kinds of amazing projects. I want to try out the soap making and candle making.

I also received a book from my friends Nankz and Paul "The Crafty Girls Road Trip" - its a book which outlines craft stores throughout New Zealand and also 10 craft projects.
They also gave me these passive aggressive post it notes - perhaps I shouldn't take these into work!
I also got a wee package in the mail from Alicia - a cute cupcake painting and also a My Melody pez dispenser and candy!
I got some cute cupcake paper clips from my friend Matt as well as some goodies from The Body Shop (including my favourite lip gloss).
My friend Jaimee gave me these adorable watermelon earrings - so cute!
My friend Hiliare bought me this relaxing tea - its in the cutest tin and the tea bags are made from silk! How fancy!
More baking goodies - this time from my friends Kai and Diane - an awesome letter press cookie cutter set. I'll have to bake some for our next movie night.
My friends know me so well - so many baking or sewing related presents. I got a voucher for my local fabric store, Arther Toye fabrics from my friend Celia. Just in time for their half price sale.
Ross and Shelley bought me macaroons from their favourite chocolate store in Petone - the picture isn't the best, but the macaroons were delicious (yes, I did share them with Rich!).
I also got a vintage pattern from Ria as well as my waffle ring - I will upload a photo of the pattern soon and Rich's parents gave me a voucher for Farmers. But finally tonight - ALL OF THE CARDS (well almost).


Stacey said...

I am loving the passive-agressive post its! I think my workplace could actually use some, because at least that way people would tell each other about what was bothering them, lol.

It sucks that your birthday was a bit of a wash, but it seems like you still had a great time!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet you are one loved and special lady. Such gorgeous and heartfelt presents. The party at Matha's pantry looks delightful.
Such happiness.....
Love v

Krista said...

My b-day too falls in the middle of winter so I can relate to crappy weather. It looks like you made the best of it and made out pretty well with all these amazing goodies!

alicia said...

that's a pretty sweet birthday haul! yay matching pez dispensers!!!

i'm glad you at least had SOME fun before the key incident!

<3 <3 <3

cb said...

oh my! what wonderful friends you have. these presents are perfect for you! i love the letter press book and i am a bit jealous of that notepad you got about the things that really piss me off! i know tom and i would have so much writing on that, we love to tease each other. i think we sometimes still act like 5th graders who really like each other :D sorry it rained on your parade but it looks like you still had an awesome time, i mean who doesn't love a high tea with friends!

Vix said...

What a huge selection of presents and such a sweet party, too! What a shame about your birthday being a bit of a washout, I could suggest that you move to England then you could celebrate at the height of summer but you'd probably get just as wet! x

Monsterchen said...

oh no to lock yourself out from your apartment isn´t the best on your birthday but i can see with all your beloved ones around it was a great day, that crafty books are for sure treasures and i love PEZ too ;)

Camelia Crinoline said...

Looks like you got some fabulous goodies, hopefully they made up a bit for the rain and locking your keys in your apartment. All those craft books look really interesting.

Unknown said...

What a fab bunch of goodies - you have such lovely friends and family! Happy Birthday! Sarah xxx

claire said...

hi! oh wow you got such a lot of lovely things! and high tea, i'm doing that for my birthday next month too, i cant wait :)

Helga said...

Poops to your b'day getting off to a rough start,but with all that lovin' it you must have swiftly forgotten about it!!!
Treats ahoy!You were well spoilt,loveyand deservedly so!!!
Hip Hop Happy Belated B'day!XXXXXXXXXX