Friday, July 23, 2010

Bucheon Film Festival

As soon as I finish work tonight I'm going straight to the subway station so Rich and I can make the journey to Bucheon and attend the Bucheon International Film Festival.

We are going to meet up with Joseph and his son there, we'll be catching up for dinners and seeing a few films together.

Here's the films Rich and I will be seeing at the festival - in order of viewing:

Down Terrace - United Kingdom

Confessions - Japan

Death Bell 2 - South Korea
Gintama - Japan

We are also seeing a horror triple feature on Saturday night - it's actually a little unclear which films are showing in the triple feature but I am pretty sure House of the Dead is one of them.

It's mostly going to be a weekend of horror films but that is my favourite type of film - should be a great weekend.

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