Saturday, July 17, 2010

International Snack Swap

I've just recieved a package for what is likely to be my last swap for a while (until we are settled in Taiwan). The theme of the swap was an International Snack Swap, I was paired with a partner from the US and here's the package she sent me which is pretty incredible.

First up some Mexican treats - some look really great but some I am a little scared of as I think they will be really spicy!
Then the treats from the US - so many things! I remeber eating pop rocks once when I was a kid and looking forward to trying them again.
These are all the snacks left in the box after I took the photo's! My partner was really generous.
Finally a little snack pouch - she totally understands my style - cute skulls and glittery fabric.
Finally some "mac & cheese" this is something all my friends from the US seem to talk about - I am going to give this one to Joseph. I hope he likes it.

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