Monday, July 12, 2010

Deer, Hello Kitty & an aquarium

Last Saturday, I went out with Rich and my friend Val for a pre-birthday birthday day out in Seoul.

I had a really great day - unfortunatly Val couldn't stay long as she was taking part in an AIDS fundraising treasure hunt. But it was still great to see her.

We started the day out in Seoul forest, we started out with a morning tea in a part of the forest where a garden was made from the foundations of an old building. I really liked this idea of a rugged urban garden.

Later on when we were walking around we found a playground, a pond a fountain and lots of carp.

We also found some deer at the park! That's right deer in Seoul! This city never ceases to amaze me.

When we arrived we saw some children feeding the deer and we wanted to feed them as well but weren't sure where to buy the food from. We walked around near the deer enclosure and found our answer - you buy deer food from the deer food vending machine (of course!).

After some amazing times in Seoul forest it was time to head to Hongdae, first of all we had to visit Soho travel to apply for our visa's to Vietnam *EXCITING*. We will be flying to Hanoi on July 27!

Next it was time for lunch and seen as it was my pre-birthday celebration I decided we should eat Mexican food. There's not a whole lot of Mexican food in Korea and you sure can't get Mexican food in Uijeongbu! So I figured it's my almost birthday - let's eat Mexican food.Next up was somewhere I have been wanting to go FOREVER! The Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae. This place is decorated with everything pink and Kitty and super girly. I'm pretty lucky that Rich is the kind of guy willing to go to a Hello Kitty cafe to make me happy, although sometimes he must feel like he is living in Hello Kitty Hell.

I also bought a brand new Kitty themed charm bracelet at the Hello Kitty store - it's super Kaiwaii cute!We finished up the day with a trip to Sea World which is the aquarium in the 63 building. I have now been to three aquarium's in Korea and this one is at the bottom of the list. I felt a little sad for the turtle and the penguin's - they really didn't seem to have much space.

It's also a very small area for people and a large school group was standing behind us in line, when we got in there it was really packed.

I didn't dislike this aquarium but if you're in Seoul and want to go to an aquarium I would recommend visiting the one at COEX and not the one in the 63 building.

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