Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here's a couple of swaps I recently finished via craftster, I have been trying to keep swapping to a minimum in the months leading up to leaving Korea. However there was a cupcake swap and a rockabilly swap at the same time so I couldn't really resist.

First of all the rockabilly swap - here's the goodies I made for my partner.

First of a pair of cherry earrings and nautical themed bracelet. I especially love the bracelet and I think I may have to make another one for me.Next up is a cross-stitched passport cover. I am really happy with the way this one came out - it's a little altered from the original pattern but I think it's pretty cool.The grand final is a tiki/Hawiian style embriodered jacket! I didn't make the jacket as I fon't have a sewing machine and I'm not going to kid myself. I couldn't make a jacket anyway! However, I did embrioder the jacket by hand with a sexy hula girl and palm tree. My partner is in the UK and it's summer there so it's a light summer jacket and it's modelled in the photo's by yours truely.

Here's the goodies I recieved for the rockabilly swap - first of all a very cool zombie pin up doll. She's crochet and totally awesome, she's also getting on rather well with my crochet leather face doll I recieved in another swap.
I also recieved a pair of crochet cherry earrings - how cool are these? I have quite a lot of cherry earrings but none that are crochet. Very awesome. Finally a new furry home for my netbook - it's like my netbook lives in a muppet now!The second swap I took part in was a cupcake swap! My partner was a girl from Australia with a love of all things cupcake and gothic/horror movie related. Perhaps we were separated at birth?

Here's the things I made for the swap. First up I embellished a little tote bag with some zombie cupcakes and some skully bows.
I made a needle felted zombie cupcake for my partner, she has a zombie cupcake tattoo and this wee felted monster was inspired by her tattoo.

So my creation is quite different to her tattoo but it was my inspiration only - I didn't want to try and totally re-create it!Next up is some cupcake cross-stitch. Rich created the patterns for the cupcake cross-stitch and they are awesome! There is only one key ring - it's double sided and a little blue cupcake pillow.

I also made a little shrine/trinket box from an old mint box I had. The inside says "life is just a cup of cake" as that's the name of a cupcake store in Seoul.
I also made a couple of cupcake charms which I am so happy with, I think they came out really well.I also made this charm bracelet - it's got skulls on it which has nothing to do with cupcakes but I thought my partner would like it. She said she put it on as soon as she opened the package so it must be a winner.I also made these cute little cupcake earrings from some cupcake charms I bought at Dongdaemun markets - they are pretty simple but I think they work well.Finally I made this little "cake" from a Korean craft set I bought - it's just for fun but I thought it was super cute.Finally - here's what I recieved for the cupcake swap. Its a pretty great stash! First of all a ceramic cupcake jar, a cupcake plushie and some cupcake fabric. I think the fabric would make an awesome bolero - if only I had a sewing machine and the skill to make a bolero.Next item is a "skull cupcake" jewellery set - a necklace and some earrings. I love these - two of my favourite things in one.She also made me these cute cupcake fridge magnets and sent me some cupcake buttons which I don't seem to be able to get a good picture of!
Next up we have a charm bracelet - I'm really into bracelets at the moment as I can actually wear them and people can see them. I felt that when I was living in Wellington I was always wearing long sleeves so there was no point in wearing bracelets!

The clapse on this one is skull and bones and it has metal cupcakes as well as plastic ones my partner has made. The plastic ones spell out "cupcake" on one side and "Teresa" on the other. Finally, we have hairbows and more hairbows. I've worn the pink animal print and white skull one so far. I love them all though!

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Alexandra said...

I know what you mean- I think we all sugar crashed as well!!!! That Fairy and Pirate party sounds like so much fun- especially for an adult birthday party! I will definitely have to keep that in mind in the future :-)