Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday 2.0

This is my second birthday post, I've been pretty lucky over the past couple of weeks and recieved three more birthday packages/presents.

First of all from Joseph - some Hello Kitty sicking plasters and a CD of my favourite Korean band "Go Go Star".

Next my friend Jess from Wellington sent me a big package of red things for my birthday (red is my favourite colour). Here's my favourite red things - red accessories! A set of flower earrings, a chunky heart shaped necklace and a cute lady bug bracelet that Jess made for me (handmade gifts are my favourite).
She also bought me a sarong from her trip to Rarotonga - which is going to be perfect for my trip to Halong Bay (near Hanoi).
Finally a package from London from Conor and Sue - they sent me so many great things but here's a few of my favourites. A skull CD case, cute pens and cutie cutie panda key covers.
They also sent three - that's right! three! t-shirts. One for Rich and two for me. This is my favourite one - don't call me girly!!

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