Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Dress - fail!

So if you read my blog regularly will remember my post about this years birthday dress. Well the dress turned up a day or two ago but it was a total failure as they had sent me the completely wrong dress!

I'm leaving Korea on 1 September, which is around 6 weeks time (I can't believe how fast the year has gone!) so they isn't much time to replace it either.

However, in the Rock Collection's defence the did say they would reimburse me as soon as the dress is returned.

Which is a little sad, but it's all money I've saved I guess!

In other news, yesterday we picked up our Visa's for Vietnam and Hong Kong. It will be time to leave for our trip very soon - less than one week in fact. I can't wait to get away for a while.

We've pretty much nailed down what we want to do in Hong Kong, the main thing is of course catching up with my old school friend Lillian.

We're a bit more open with what we want to do in Hanoi - we want to got to Halong Bay, but have been told it's much easier to book tours in Hanoi once we get there.

Other than that I am going on a teachers trip with my school at 1:30. There has been much confusion with this trip. Originally I was told we were going "caving" which led me to ask a lot of questions. Yesterday at lunch I was told we were going to a temple and the mountains which is much more my style and sounded great.

But as of yesterday afternoon we are going to the beach and then to a museum - what we are doing at the beach is a little ambiguous still. But I have been told that I must wear my slippers (inside shoes) to the beach - which is a little bit weird for a Kiwi girl but as the saying goes "when in Rome".

I won't have access to a computer for a couple of days whilst I'm on the trip but I should be able to update on Friday to share details of the trip, the films I'm going to be Puchon International Film Festival this weekend and the contents of a rather exciting package of red goodies I received from my friend Jess for my birthday in the mail this week.


pearlslaceandruffles said...

Sorry to hear they sent the wrong dress,I would be so angry! xo

Trees said...

When I opened the package I was SO furious!

But I calmed down a bit when they were good about refunding my money but still it's very annoying:(