Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I kind of celebrated my birthday last weekend, but I still had a pretty great "birthday week" this week.

First of all the remains of the cake my co-workers bought me - "We *heart* Teresa".

Here's some of my birthday stash - I told my parents I didn't want a birthday present but they still sent me a little package with a Dr Who DVD (with my favourite Doctor - Tom Baker!), a very patriotic passport cover and luggage tag and a kite (flax bag). The package also came with some chocolate from home. My youngest brother Jake also sent me an awesome package of chocolates.From Rich I recieved a little craft kit, a Kuromi hairclip and an Alice in Wonderland style necklace.Here's a close up of the necklace, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland but my co-workers said "Oh! Romantic Style!".
From my friend Nilanka back home in New Zealand I recieved these really great cookie cutters - they are kind of hard to see in the picture but one is of New Zealand and one is of a kiwi. I really love them but we don't have an oven - however - I do have plans to make something with them later this week. Stay tuned to find out what.I also recieved some goodies from my friend Dani in Korea - some girly stuff from the Faceshop (I can get enough of these Korean body and beauty stores) and some headbands.
From the 3rd Grade English teacher at my school a box of "bows" and a lip gloss - she knows me so well! (actually I teach her twin sons and they told her that "Teresa Teacher likes hair bows"). I also got some foundation from co-teacher Jiyoun but I couldn't get a good photo of that.Finally, here's all my treats from my students! One of my students even bought me a bottle of Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume - well he actually admitted his mum choose it but still it's a very generous present.

After school on my birthday day Rich and I went out for dinner but it was so hot again we just ended up eating popping su again and having a look around the shops in Uijeongbu.


Unknown said...

happy birthday girl!

Lisa said...

Yay birthdays!
Yours is the day before mine :)
Looks like you got some good stuff
x Lia