Thursday, January 24, 2008

Polehill Reserve to Brooklyn Wind Turbine Walk

A couple of weekends ago Rich and I decided it was time to go for a decent walk, before Christmas Kat and Fiona had done a walk from Polehill Reserve in Aro to the wind turbine and said it was pretty cool - so we figured - we live right down the road from the Polehill reserve - lets give this walk a go!

So part way through the way we got off the beaten park a bit and came across some old bunkers which was really cool - some of them had some very cool sencil art in them which was just amazing!

Part way through our walk we also came across this lovely white horse - he was really friendly and came right up to the gate so we could pat him (I really wish I'd had an apple to give him). I really love this photo too - looks so whimsical like something out of Princess bride.

Finally the wind turbine! Although it was so foggy you couldn't see too much!

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