Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So this New Years was spent at Sue's place in Hamilton, which is only fair considering a whole bunch of our friends from Auckland/Hamilton came to Wellington last year for new years. The theme of Sue's Party was "what I want to be when I grow up" - I went as Jem - because she's truely truely outrageous! Rich went as a professional golfer. It was good times all round!
Jo (as a Bollywood dancer) and myself - just looking beautiful - it's what we do!
Conor and I chill-laxing - Conor was orginally dressed as a mechanic - but it was too darn hot to wear overalls!

Rich (as a professional golfer) and Conor - singing up a storm to the Pussycat Dolls

Conor playing with his new Christmas toy - turns out people like the guy with the camera even less than they like the girl with the camera!

Jo and I singing up a storm - have no idea what we're singing - but I'm sure it's awesome

Craig (Greatest American Hero) and I taking a photo of ourselves - funny story - I decided that we should have a photo together as everyone else tucked into some greasy chicken so we had to take it ourselves...

Craig and I singing some singstar - again - no clue what we're singing!

Andre (as a fisherman) with a new years sparkler....

Ross rocking out with his new years sparkler....
.....and Rich looking bummed his sparkler has gone out.....
Katrina and I - just being awesome!
Conor singing and Alaina (as a cowgirl) just wanting to be in the photo

Ross and Alaina - very excited it's new years!
Jo, Me and Andre - Just because...

Jo and Andre.....what a cute couple!

Alaina and I - just hanging out and eating cherries! (yah for summer fruit

Just a random party moment, not sure who took this, but I suspect it was Jo!

Yet more singstar - it just goes on and on and on....

Cheesy singstar pose from Alaina and I (I seem to be losing my wig a bit at this stage!)

The lads having a shot of that Brazilian alcohol Conor's into at the moment (and no doubt Andre is into it as well - what with being Brazilian and all!)

Rich and Ross just chill-laxing with some drinks...

A photo that we too of ourselves (via Alaina) turned out pretty well considering!

Alaina and Ross in a cheesy new years pose - work it!!

Even more singstar!!

Sue (schoolteacher) and Conor - awww cutie cutie - funnily enough - Sue actually DID want to be a teacher when she grew up!

Conor and I (again!!)

Sue and I (darn she's a hot looking teacher!)

Rich and I - although a professional golfer and a fictional rock star seem like an unlikely match!

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