Monday, June 02, 2014

Me Made May - Week Five

Week five is also known as "The week I was totally sick of having photos taken each day" - hence the photos are a bit crap! There's nothing much new to see here (well one new thing). I just wanted you guys to know I ALMOST made it to the end of the month wearing something made by me each day.

26 May
Made by Me - Dragon Lady Dress (yet to be blogged - post coming soon!)
Other stuff - Necklace from and op shop
27 May 
Made by Me - Maudella Dress
Other stuff - Cardi from Glassons and necklace bought in Korea

28 May
Made by Me - Purple Kitty Dress
Other stuff - Cardi from Rich, belt from clothes swap and necklace from Alicia

29 May
Made by Me - Meg Dress
Other stuff - Tights from Farmers and boots from Avon

30 May
Made by Me - Mask Dress
Other stuff - Tights from who knows where and boots from Korea

31 May

So I didn't quite make it to the full 31 days! On Saturday I went to Armageddon and wore my Hell Bunny eyeball dress. However, I did run out to the store in the morning to buy some tights whilst wearing my monthly stitch vintage pattern challenge dress, so that kind of counts right?

Generally I don't have any problems with having my photo taken, but a whole month taking photos every day is just too exhausting! 
When it comes to dress making - I am very much a "dress maker" rather than a top, skirt or anything else maker. I really need to try and make a few more separates.
I do really favour making things from cottons and May is pretty much winter in NZ! I spend most of the winter months wearing my beloved vintage polyester dresses because I find them so warm without too much bulk. But I DO have merino waiting to be stitched up for winter. I really must get onto that to keep myself warm.  

Also, I think I will do self stitched September this year - it will mean I can actually take outfit posts in daylight!


JuanitaTortilla said...

Yay! The month did fly by just like that; even though I *hate* to be taking pictures of myself in something-me-made, I feel the daily chore for this challenge (as you've expressed :D) Well, that's done then!

Self-stitched September, here we come?

Johanna said...

I greatly admire your collection of dresses! You look great. And definitely stitch up that merino, so luxurious and warm :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well I think you've done a marvellous job of the May challenge. How many people on the street can say they wore something they made everyday? I love all the wild printed cottons you've been using and who knew Avon made boots? xx

Anonymous said...

I love the Meg dress and how you wear them with those high boots!!!

Trees said...

Of course I'm keen for self stitched September!

Trees said...

Thanks Jo - I have two lengths of merino in stripes. I think my fear of pattern matching is holding me back!

Trees said...

Thanks so much :) Also I have a few pairs of shoes from Avon - they sell a lot of different stuff now :)

Trees said...

Knee high boots is the only way to keep warm walking to and from work :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Well done on your efforts on Me Made May. I am so loving that blue on you....can't wait to see the first frock in a post. Xx

Curtise said...

You did it! Another fab collection of you-made items, love the look of that first dress we haven't properly seen yet.
I think a whole month of daily photos would be tough for anyone, it must start to feel like a chore rather than a pleasure, and blogging is supposed to be fun! xxxx

Vix said...

Love that cobalt blue on you and well done for completing the challenge! maybe I can get my act together next year? xxx

Trees said...

The post will come - I promise :)

Trees said...

I would love to see your MMM Vix! Curtain couture all the way :)

Trees said...

Thank you! I shall blog that dragon dress soon :)