Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Made By Me May - Sailor Moon Skirt

So I have decided to take part in "Made by me May" or perhaps that should be "Made by me May Lite", basically I am going to try and wear on thing I have made myself for each day in May - which is going to mean I'll need to make more things or have a very boring month wardrobe wise!

Taking part in a challenge like this is one of my "35 before 35" goals, so I figured that now was a good time to get started.

I got the idea from a blog called "So, Zo.....what do you know?" - I'm not joining the official facebook group or anything as I don't feel that my skills will really measure up to a lot of the other girls on there who look like they have mad sewing skills and I'm still struggling with invisible zippers. So I've decided to take the idea of "Made by Me May" but kind of "go it alone" so to speak. Maybe next year I'll have more confidence in my sewing and I'll want to make it all official like.
Here's what I wore for the first day of the challenge - a Sailor Moon wrap around skirt that I made over the weekend. I've had the Sailor Moon fabric for a VERY long time, I bought it when I first got my sewing machine, but then I was scared of my sewing machine so I didn't use it. Then I became less scared of my sewing machine but I only had a metre of the fabric and I didn't know what to make and I was scared of just ruining the fabric so I didn't touch it.

Finally I decided I just needed to make SOMETHING with the fabric so I decided on a wrap around skirt - part of the skirt is Sailor Moon and part is plain purple fabric.

I wore to to work today (as evidenced by the swipe card at my waist) but I'm not sure about wearing it with this lacy top - I think in the future I'll pair it with the tee or a singlet.

I'm also a bit weirded out by the A-line shape of it - there was a time when I only wore skirts and the only skirts I wore were A-line. But I haven't been wearing skirts that much in recent years so I feel like this shape looks a bit weird on me. However an A-line skirt is pretty much the most flattering skirt shape in the world so it most likely looks fine.

Well, wish me luck for the rest of "Made by Me May" - I feel a lot of sewing in the near future.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I like the wrap skirt. I have a few but I feel like the shape isn't the best on my figure. I think it's because I hold weight on my tummy. I think it looks great on you. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Xx

Julia said...

I really like the A-line - it really does seem to be the most flattering shape, plus it's a bit lady like so that appeals to me too.

Made by me in May is such a cute idea, can't wait to see your other creations xo

Meghan Edge said...

I love this! I love that it's Sailor Moon, too. All around awesome skirt. And you're crazy- it looks good on you. :-)

I wish there were Ranma 1/2 fabric so I could have an anime skirt.

Curtise said...

I think the shape of the skirt is fine, what don't you like about it? Wrap skirts are great, as long as it isn't windy! Maybe more colour on the top half would make it feel more you? I would love a close-up of the fabric, the print looks fab.
Every time I see what other bloggers make, I feel a rush of guilt that I am such a lazy putter-offer! I MUST get on with my heap of sewing projects... I'm like you, not so confident and I worry I'll mess things up, then don't do anything at all. Time to start, then my skills will improve. You're an inspiration! xxxxxx

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Wow that's quite a challenge! I look forward to seeing how you get on :D And I think the A line looks lovely on you.

cb said...

what a fun challenge! i don't think i could do it but it would be so much fun. maybe if i had a bunch of time i would do it. i think the skirt looks great on you and i just love the style, very flattering!

Krista said...

I love the skirt because I adore the fabric! I need to muster up the courage to tackle the pile of dresses I plan of modifying to fit me better.

alicia said...

i used to love sailor moon! ironically, i refuse to watch ANY of bear's thousands of anime dvds. shhhhh don't tell. <3

Unknown said...

OMG you are so super duper clever! You look gorgeous - A line can be super comfy and flattering but you have to get the fit right I think... and i love the fabric (any chance of a close up? I haven't a clue what Sailor Moon might be!). Sarah xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Good luck for "Made by Me May". I took part in the official MMM once and it definitely is a challenge. I love your Sailor Moon skirt. I still struggle with invisible zippers. They are seriously evil.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great idea for a challenge - very impressed you've made a skirt. I wear something I've made most days, but it's usually something I've glued to a brooch pin or ring back!

Stacey said...

Made by Me May sounds awfully exciting (and makes me realise that I don't have nearly enough handmade things in my wardrobe)!

That fabric is absolutely aces!!!!! I was a huge Sailor Moon fan as a little girl - it was the bane of my life that I always had to leave for school before Sailor Moon came on the morning cartoon show. I love the shape of the skirt, and I reckon it looks great on you.