Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Morton Estate Winery

Whilst I was in Tauranga it was one of Rich's aunty's birthday's so we headed over to Morton Estate Winery. I hadn't been to a winery in years, because whilst I like wine I really know nothing about it - in fact all I know is I like sweet bubbly ones (yes - I am the height of class).

In fact the last time I went to a winery was my friend Unicia's hen's do - I arrived late (as per usual) and I think the wine tasting component of the day was over - but I do remember playing petaque.

When we got to the winery we had a bit of a wine tasting which was pretty fun but I mostly avoided the red wines - I really can't handle them!

After the wine tasting we had lunch in the really nice restaurant topped off with the sweetest Pavlova in the world, then doubly topped off with one of Rich's mum's delicious chocolate cakes.

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