Thursday, January 24, 2008

Girls only Valentines Card Swap

So don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate Valentines' or anything, I think it's a really nice idea have a day to think about your relationship and appreciate what you've got and appreciate the person your with...but there's something about the corporatisation of Valentines' day that makes me want to puke slightly.

Cheesy hearts and small animals just make me want to barf. I guess that's why Rich and I do the whole "handmade" Valentines thing now to avoid the whole corporate icky-ness of it all!

But I've also come to realise in the past few years that Valentines seems to have become not so much a day for couples to be happy to be together as it is for single people to feel worse. I'm sure if I was single and happy with my life and I wandered through Whitcoulls, The Warehouse, Farmers or wherever only to be greeted by a barrage of (largely tacky) merchandise I would start to feel stink and like I was missing out.

So in the spirit of combating all that is tacky and generally unpleasant about Valentines' Day Kat has organised a girls only handmade card swap!

I love the idea (Mostly because I love making stuff and getting "real" mail opposed to bills) - basically Kat is going to chuck a number of girls names into a hat and pull out a "Valentine" for each person to send a card too.

I can hardly wait - I already have a million ideas for designing cards floating around in my head...

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