Monday, January 21, 2008

So on our last day in Hamilton it was Jonnie and Chaykham's wedding - and what a day it was! There were two ceremonies - a western ceremony starting at about 10:30 then a morning tea at Hamilton Gardens.

We then had a break for a few hours (during this time we mostly hung out at Sue's flat and watched Black Books).

Then we returned to the gardens for the Lao's style ceremony and the dinner and dancing.

The photo's on this blog are actually in reverse - so we start off with the dinner and end up at the morning ceremony....I uploaded them the wrong way - but I'm not uploading them again as it takes too long!

Conor and Rich after dinner

Chaykham and Jonnie - after the final ceremony

Some pics from the Laos Ceremony

Sue and I just before the second ceremony

Jonnie in the gardens just before the second ceremony

Rick and I just after the second ceremony - doing the old "taking a photo of ourselves" thing

Sue and Conor in the gardens after the first ceremony

Rich and I in the garden's after the first ceremony

Nicky and Rick in the garden's after the first ceremony

Conor, Rick and Nicky - Nicky thinks that in this photo it looks as if it's Conor and Rick getting married - I think she may be right!

Conor and I at the first reception

Conor and Sue's speech at the first reception - I got a special mention - woohoo!

More of the speech....

Some photo's of the first ceremony

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