Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Matchy Matchy

Today's wardrobe challenge theme was "matchy matchy" which isn't too difficult for me - as its basically how I dress all of the time.
Today I decided to match my gold dress with my gold shoes. 

Look! They finally cleared out the weeds from our car park - its a miracle!! 
Here's a closer view of the shoes - I picked them up new last week. I originally was planning to buy some black shoes. But when they had the same black shoes in gold glitter I ended up buying two pairs.
I wore a lovely pendant today gifted to me by CB - its her own original artwork - so cute!
I also wore a cuff that a work mate gave me on the last day of my old job and a ring made from an old one penny coin.

Hope you guys have been having a good week so far - I'm having a short week due to Wellington Anniversary on Monday and then we are off to Auckland for four days on Saturday. Hurrah!


Dress - Op Shopped
Belt - The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Shoes - Lippy
Necklace - Gift from CB
Cuff - Gift from a work mate
Ring - Bought in Napier


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I love the jewellery...especially that ring. The frock looks lovely on you, it's such a nice cut. Enjoy your time in Auckland, I hope we get to hear all about it. Say hello to my beloved K Rd for me! Xx

Unknown said...

I love those shoes and the dress! looks so cute together, Im a huge fan of matchy matchy outfits!

Anonymous said...

I love this challenge and it reminds me that I don't have any dress in gold, I own only two pairs of golden shoes, but the total look is stunning!The necklace is very pretty!

Unknown said...

I'm so envious about that necklace ><
x, Lara

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love all of this Trees, your dress, shoes and jewellery are all great. And I'm glad to hear you have a fun week ahead, enjoy your holiday! xx

Curtise said...

The ring and cuff are gorgeous, and I love the gold matchiness of that fab frock and shoes.
Ooh, a trip to look forward to, that's good! xxxx

Frocktasia said...

Fab dress and I wouldn't have been able to resist buying the gold glitter shoes either. I go through spells of matchy matchy and then sometimes (as my boss put it)I look as if I just threw something on and nearly missed (he loves me really). You look smashing...x

Anonymous said...

I love the matchy-matchy look. Definitely my cup of tea!

alicia said...

i love matchy matchy! such a cute necklace from cb!

two squirrels said...

Matchy matchy is fabulous!!!!! Yay to a great weekend away in Auckland have fun sweet.
Love V

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

GAH!!!! Can you feel the love crossing The Ditch? Your frock is utterly spectacular!!!!!! And hell, who could possibly resist gold shoes, I mean really!!!! I adore the penny ring so, so much. I would have so much trouble doing matchy-matchy. I probably should give it a go though, simply because it's not something I do often. I hope you have a glorious time in AK, lots of Laneway pics please!! xoxoxo

Meghan Edge said...

You look wonderful! I love the shoes and the dress!! :-)

Helga said...

Babes, you're talking my talk with matchy matchy!!! Squee! You're right on the money, I love the frock and the shoes, and you've accessorised to perfection!! Hurrah! XXX

Vix said...

That gold frock's a beauty! Loving the bling, too. xxx

Monsterchen said...

what a wonderful color to brighten my day darling! i love dress and matching shoes;)

Unknown said...

Love that gorgeous frock - and you know I LOOOOOVE some matchy matchy action! Sarah xxx