Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movie update - Movies 33 & 34

It's time for another movie update! The first movie is a Korean film called "Three Iron" which we recently watched on TV without subtitles. This isn't due to our Korean language skills greatly improving (sadly) , but rather due to the fact that the film has limited dialogue and what dialogue it does have is pretty easy to understand.

It's the story of one of those guys who put's fliers on everybodies doors here in Korea (every time we return to our apartment, the door is plastered with fliers for food, gyms, beauticians and even prostitutes!).

Basically, he puts the fliers on people's doors and comes back later to see if they have been pulled off - if they haven't been pulled off he figures the owners must be away. He spends a few days in the person's house or apartment, fixes the stuff that is broken, does the cleaning and cooks himself and meal or two and then moves onto the next house.

It may sound like a boring premise but it's actually really amazing - it really gives you an insight into the life of everyday Korean homes and people.

One day he "let's himself in" to a beautiful house, but it turns out the wife is still there (and has been beaten by her husband). She isn't scared and doesn't want him to leave but instead follows him around the house and then joins hime. This is after he meets her husband and hits a few golfballs at him with a three iron (her husband is not a nice guy).

Yes, it turns out that this nomad is actually a golf fan as well and practices his game in parks with a golf ball attached to wire.

Anyway, the movie just gets more and more dreamlike from here as their relationship develops and they visit other people's homes and life gets crazier and crazier.

This is a really incredible movie and the cover really doesn't do it any justice!
The next movie I've seen recently is "The Ghost Writer" which is a Roman Polanski film.

It's basically an espionage type thriller, a ghost writer goes to help a former British Prime Minister write his memoirs but it seems that something isn't quite right with the whole situation. Especially as the former Ghost Writer was found dead in the ocean (and he was a great frend of the Ex-PM).

The movie (and I assume the novel it's based on) takes a few digs at Tony Blair and UK/US relations in general and it was a good movie, except for one thing, the horrible accents!

There were so many American actors with horrible English accents and vice versa it was a little painful! I'm sure all this was lost on the Korean audience but it made me cringe a little.

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